08 May 2016

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Gujarat Man gets 3 years’ jail for possession of Beef

Gujarat Man gets 3 years’ jail for possession of Beef

keeping, buying, selling or transporting beef or beef products is banned in Gujarat.

The court of Gandevi Judicial Magistrate (First Class) C Y Vyas on Friday sentenced Rafik Illyasbhai Khalifa (35) to three years in jail and also imposed a fine of Rs 10,000, while convicting him under relevant sections of Gujarat Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act-2011.

The judge said that “Cow is associated with the religious sentiment of a community. So such a crime threatens the peace of society. If the accused is given jail term, it will serve as an example for others to refrain from committing such a crime.”

Rafik, a resident of Devda village in Gandevi taluka of Surat district, was arrested on October 8, 2014, after two members of a cow protection group caught him transporting two bags containing 20 kgs beef, on his motorcycle. The beef was estimated to be worth around Rs 4,000.

The Gandevi police, which filed the FIR, later sent the samples of the contents in the bag to a Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), which confirmed it as beef.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

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Destination Infinity May 08, 2016  

People need to respect laws. If they don't like it they could challenge it in courts, not break laws.

Destination Infinity