03 May 2016

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Home story dialogues Facts

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Home story dialogues Facts

Important Dialogues from the Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Home

You must long for the next life.” –Jaime Lannister

A girl is not a beggar anymore.” –Jaqen H’ghar

“It’s time they had their supper.” –Tyrion Lannister

“I am Lord Bolton.” –Ramsay Bolton

“I am the storm.” –Euron Greyjoy

“I am asking the woman who showed me that miracles exist.” –Davos Seaworth

I swear it by the salt throne – Yara Greyjoy

Together, we can overthrow an Empire – High Sparrow

I drink and I know things – Tyrion Lannister        

What happens in Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Home
Synopsis Facts Story

The Three-Eyed Raven accompanies Bran Stark into the past, to a Winterfell in the height of summer. He watches 12-year-old Ned Stark and his 7-year-old brother Benjen train with wooden swords. Young and spirited Lyanna Stark rides in on horseback then gives the reins to a stable boy, Wylis, whom Bran recognizes as a young Hodor – but he can talk.

Leaf, a Child of the Forest, tells Meera that Bran won’t be practicing his visions forever, and once he leaves he will need her help.

King Tommen orders his mother remain in the Red Keep for her own safety, barring her from Myrcella’s funeral.

Tommen and Jaime Lannister stand over Myrcella’s body; he tells that he has kept his mother away from the funeral for her safety from the Faith Militant as Faith Militant
won’t allow her inside the Sept.

Tommen visits his mother and apologizes for keeping her from the funeral.
Cersei embraces her last living child.

Faceless Man takes the test of Arya and she passed the test.
Arya follows the Faceless Man back to the House of Black and White.

Tyrion discovers the two imprisoned beasts; dragons have stopped eating then Tyrion decides to unchain them himself.
Once in the dragons' keep, Tyrion recounts his fascination with the beasts as a boy. He slowly removes the collar on Rhaegal dragon, and is shocked as Viserion another dragon turns his head to request the same. And Tyrion releases him also.

Maester Wolkan tells the news of the birth of a healthy baby boy to Roose Bolton the father and Ramsay Bolton the brother.
Hereing this news Ramsay plunges a dagger into Roose’s heart. Ramsay orders Wolkan to send Lady Walda and her newborn son to the courtyard, then leads them into the kennels. Walda begs to be allowed to return to the Riverlands with her son, but Ramsay, unmoved, releases his hungry hounds.

Ramsay becomes Lord Bolton and tells Maester to inform that enemies killed Roose Bolton using poison.

Brienne shares with Sansa her run-in with Arya Stark. Theon, knowing he can “never make amends” for his betrayal of her family, tells Sansa he cannot go with her to Castle Black, and departs for “home.”

Euron Greyjoy, the Balon king’s younger brother declares he has come for the throne. The elderly king taunts Euron for going mad while at sea, cutting out the tongues of his men: “What kind of an Ironborn loses his senses during a storm?” Balon snatches a dagger and dives at his brother, but Euron quickly tosses the king off the bridge to his death.

Night Watch –

As Thorne-loyalists begin to break into the Lord Commander’s chamber, a loud noise is heard from the main gate; Wun Wun, Tormund, and the other wildings rush in. Alliser attempts to rally the Night’s Watch, but the giant has successfully cowed the Thorne supporters. Edd orders the mutineers be locked up. Tormund examines Jon, and leaves to gather wood for a pyre.

Ser Davos enters Melisandre’s chamber to find she has been crying. When Davos asks if the priestess has the power to revive the Lord Commander, she doubts her own abilities. Urged to try, Melisandre chants and prays over Jon's bathed corpse, with Davos, Tormund and Edd watching, but eventually gives up.

Defeated, the group withdraws from the chamber. Only Ghost is present when Jon opens his eyes and breathes.

Jon is back from dead 

Game of Thrones Episode 2 Home Star Rating – 7 / 10

Next Episode Date – May 8, 2016
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