20 April 2016

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Supergirl Season 2 Release Date Supergirl Season 1 Review

Supergirl Season 2 Release Date Supergirl Season 1 Review 

Supergirl Season 1 aired on CBS and 1st season ended on April 18, 2016

Supergirl is an American superhero fiction action-adventure drama television series
It is based on the DC Comics character Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, and stars Melissa Benoist in the title role. Supergirl is a costumed superheroine who is the biological cousin to Superman and one of the last surviving Kryptonians.

Season 1 – number of episodes 20

Actors of Supergirl serial –
Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El / Kara Danvers / Supergirl -
Malina Weissman portrays a young Kara.
She is send to earth to take care of little superman, but her pod gets lost and when she lands on earth she finds that little superman has already grown up and protecting the earth.
Thus she hides her powers and starts to live the simple life of Kara Danvers.
Kara works as Cat Grant's assistant at CatCo Worldwide Media.

But she has to reveal her identity to save her sister, she saves the plane and her sister who works in DEO and thus Supergirl also joins Department of Extranormal Operations (DEO)

Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers:
Kara's adoptive sister. She is a doctor and scientist who works for Hank Henshaw at the DEO. She is trained in extensive combat. Alex trains the Kara the fighting skills in order to decrease her reliance on super power and to defeat the enemy even if he is more powerful than her.
Later she comes to know about her father she becomes suspicious of the DEO director but finally Alex learns that her father saved the Martian survivor J'onn J'onzz who can change his shape before his death he takes promise from the Jonn that he will look after his two daughters and reveals him the secret of Kara also that she is alien.

In Season 2 – Kara and Alex may find that their father is alive

Jeremy Jordan as Winslow "Winn" Schott, Jr. –
Computer expert, friend of Kara

Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen –
Love interest Kara –
He is a friend of Superman also as he worked in Daily Planet and now he joins Catco media.

Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant –
She gives the name Supergirl to Kara when first time she reveals her powers before National City residents.
Kara works as an assistant to Cat Grant in doing so she gets advice from Cat.
Cat investigates and reveals that Supergirl is Superman's cousin
Cat mentors the Kara how to become successful, how to fight odds, about love life and everything.
She even suspects that Kara is the Supergirl but shape shifter Martian saves Kara by coming to meet Cat as a Supergirl in presence of Kara.

David Harewood as Hank Henshaw and J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter –
The real Hank Henshaw director of DEO gets killed in Peru and then Martian Jonn takes his place and joins DEO to reform the DEO and look after Alex and Kara.

Rating for Supergirl TV series -  6 Stars out of 10
Its family drama, adventure, filled with emotions and showing power of hope.

I hope CBS will bring the Supergirl Season one to India.

How to watch Supergirl in India?
Use Proxy or VPN service and you will be able to watch Supergirl Episodes online.

Now Big question is Will the CBS will renew the serial and can the fans will get to see the Season 2?

CBS' lack of renewal announcement has led fans to believe that the show's future might be in danger.

My answer is Yes, CBS will renew the series and CBS will order season 2, 20 episodes.

Why CBS will renew the serial?
The last part shows the arrival of another pod from krypton.
What happened to the father of Alex and Kara?
Final Part ended on happy notes but it left many questions unanswered.
The biggest twist came in the episode’s final minute, when a Kryptonian spaceship pod comes crashing out of the sky, with the occupant leaving Kara positively shocked.
Who is it?

That’s a Million Dollar Question

In one or two months that is May 2016 or June 2016 CBS may announce the renewal of Supergirl series Season 2

Until now CBS has maintained silenced about the season 2.

Season one showed that Superhero Flash saves the Supergirl and now in Season 2, I think Supergirl will save the Flash, enter his world in one of the episodes.

Watch the Video Supergirl So1E20 ending scene arrival of spaceship pod from Krypton

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