20 April 2016

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RIP Shaktiman Police Horse attacked in a BJP rally dies

RIP Shaktiman Police Horse attacked in a BJP rally dies

Shaktiman was a well-trained horse and part of Uttarakhand Mounted Police for years.

Shaktiman was attacked in a BJP rally in Dehradun, passed away at 5.30 pm on Wednesday.  As per media reports he was attacked by BJP legislator Ganesh Joshi. Shaktiman's leg had to be amputated to prevent the gangrene in his body from spreading.
Shaktiman was injured on March 14
He was later fitted with an artificial leg. But he was unable to fully recover from an infection. the artificial limb was put on Shaktiman, but he was putting his entire weight on the other leg and it spread the infection

As per media 13-year-old Shaktiman was beaten by Joshi using stick causing fracture in one of its hind legs.

India needs the strict laws to protect the animals not only Cow.
Its black day in the history of India, a police horse died and no one is going to be punished.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

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Usha May 05, 2016  

Why did BJP legislator Ganesh Joshi beat him? Why people around him did not stop him? What about animal activist in India? I am so sad to read that there won't be any action taken against Ganesh Joshi.
Few days back Cary woman was arrested for taping her dogs mouth, she posted that picture on FB..people reported and police arrested her.

SM May 07, 2016  

thank you for adding more info