22 March 2016

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Maharashtra Spends Half US Dollar Per day on a Kid

Maharashtra Spends Half US Dollar Per day on a Kid

Anil Bonde, the Bharatiya Janata Party legislator from Morshi (Amravati), said that Maharashtra state shells out Rs.70 per day per animal in a fodder camp, while orphans in state-run children’s homes get only Rs. 30 per child per day as food expenses.

Mr. Bonde told reporters in Bombay that "It is unfair for the government to pay Rs. 70 for an animal while a child gets Rs. 30 for food. The government should increase the grants for children homes to at least Rs. 1,500 per month from the current Rs. 900,"

There are a total of 1,105 children homes in the state of which 1,062 are run by various registered NGOs.

"The government pays them Rs. 900 for normal child per month (about Rs. 30 per day) for their meals, whereas Rs. 990 (Rs. 33 per day) is given for a special child every month."

Media also reported that non-governmental organizations running orphanages in Maharashtra have not received dues totaling Rs.156 Crore for three years, pending sanction from the authorities.

1 US Dollar is equal to 68 Indian Rupees.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

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Sandhya March 24, 2016  

This is really bad.