19 February 2016

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JNU Kanhaiya sedition video aired on TV may be doctored fake

JNU Kanhaiya sedition video aired on TV may be doctored fake

A video that showed JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar shouting slogans, purportedly for the freedom of Kashmir, could have been doctored and fake.

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra had played the video during a TV debate as “clinching evidence” of Kanhaiya’s “anti-national” activities on the JNU campus. The video showed Kanhaiya at a rally, shouting slogans endorsing freedom for Kashmir, including “Hum lekar rahenge... azaadi.”

On Thursday two television channels India Today TV and ABP News, aired programmes which sought to prove that the video was doctored. They showed what could be the original video which had different slogans.

ABP News showed footage of the “original video”, on which audio was allegedly superimposed.

India Today TV showed three videos:
1-the one which is now believed to be fake,
2-the “original” Kanhaiya video
3-video in which the audio of unidentified people shouting slogans for freedom of Kashmir was superimposed.

According to the ABP News programme, Kanhaiya made no reference to Kashmir in the “original video”. In the video, he is seen outside the JNU administration building with a group of students. He chants what he wants freedom from and the crowds respond with ‘azaadi’.

“Bhukhmari se... azaadi - Freedom from Hungar
Sanghvad se... azaadi -Freedom from Sangh
Samantvad se... azaadi -Freedom from feudalism
Punjivad se... azaadi -Freedom from capitalism
Brahmanvad se... azaadi – Freedom from Brahmanism
Manuvad se... azaadi – Freedom from Manusmriti
Hum lekar rahenge... azaadi – we will fight until we get freedom
Tum kuch bhi kar lo... azaadi – You do what you want to do we will get freedom
Hai haq humaari... azaadi – it’s our right to be free
Hai jaan se pyari... azaadi – Freedom is dearer than life
Dangaiyon se... azaadi – Freedom from rioters

Watch video India Today video may be fake doctored

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Friday, February 19, 2016

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rudraprayaga February 23, 2016  

fabricated stories a lot may be there.But why should he, belonging to a poor family jump into troubles before completing his education? There would have been some spark.The nature of it we don't know.Still if there is a spark,it may become a big flame.
The execution took place during Congress reign.Then why do people choose a time after 2,3 years to pay homage? Politicians just want a divide among the students and thereby their families.They are playing with Nation's integrity.It is a fire game.