19 January 2016

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Rip Glenn Frey Eagles Guitarist Dies

Rip Glenn Frey Eagles Guitarist Dies

Eagles guitarist and founder Glenn Frey has died at 67.
The band released a statement saying he died in New York City on Monday.
The Eagles were one of the most successful bands of the 1970s, with multiple hit singles including Hotel California.
Frey played guitar and keyboard and took lead vocal duties for the band on tunes like "Take it Easy" and "Tequila Sunrise."
The band succumbed to internal squabbles and broke up in 1980
The band reunited for 1994's Hell Freezes Over tour, which spawned an MTV special and a live album after that they continued to tour together over the years.

Listen to The Best of the Eagles - The Eagles Greatest Hits
At 1.08 Frey will announce that we never broke, we took 14 years’ holiday.

Playlist Song Names and Time

00:00 Hotel California
 06:30 Take It Easy
10:02 Desperado
13:39 Take It to The Limit
18:26 One of These Nights
23:17 Already Gone
27:33 Life in The Fast Lane
32:20 Lying Eyes
38:41 Witchy Woman
42:53 Love Will Keep Us Alive
46:56 New Kid in Town
52:00 How Long
55:15 Heartache Tonight
59:42 Peaceful Easy Feeling
1:04:00 I Can't Tell You Why
1:09:14 Tequila Sunrise
1:12:42 Get Over It
1:16:12 Last Resort
1:23:34 On The Border
1:28:52 In The City
1:32:36 The Long Run
1:36:19 Wasted Time
1:41:39 The Best of My Love
1:46:13 Learn to Be Still
1:50:42 Victim of Love
1:54:54 Seven Bridges Road
1:57:50 Dolin-Dalton

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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lina@my home sweet home January 19, 2016  

May he rest in peace.
Most like 'Love Will Keep Us Alive'.

sukhbir singh badal.. January 20, 2016  

i wish sometimes RIP means Returns if possible

Kirtivasan Ganesan January 20, 2016  

During my childhood I listened to Eagles too, though I liked Boney M and also Abba to some extent.
Sorry to hear that Glenn Frey is no more.