13 January 2016

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Bihar to become Kingdom of Dengue and Corruption in 2016

Bihar to become Kingdom of Dengue and Corruption in 2016

Why Bihar will soon become kingdom of corruption and dengue?

Straight to the Point

From April 1, 2016 Liquor Ban will come into effect and government will suffer loss of more than Rs. 4000 Crore

Bihar government has decided to impose 13.5 per cent tax on luxury items

13.5% tax will be charged on salty items like samosa, kachauri and branded namkin

13.5% tax will be charged on sweet items priced more than Rs 500 a kg

13.5% tax will be charged on mosquito repellant

13.5% tax on dry fruits

tax on branded clothes costing over Rs 500

Effect –
No one is going to stop drinking liquor; Business of Liquor will go underground.
Drinking ban items increases the pleasure of human begins thus consumption will increase in Bihar and government will lose taxes.

Sweet shop will stop showing the sales of sweet items and salty items.

And again effect will be low taxes and increase in the corruption.

People will stop using Mosquito repellants as already they are very costly.
With new taxes they will become costlier.

Effect – People will start to burn woods and other items to get rid of mosquitoes
It will increase the pollution levels in Bihar and ultimately India.

Corrupt political leaders will make money, corrupt police officers will make money.

Soon Bihar is going to become land of Dengue and corruption Kingdom of Dengue and Corruption

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

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