04 December 2015

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Windows 10 How to Remove app advertisement from start menu

Windows 10 How to Remove app advertisement from start menu

Microsoft windows 10 has feature called as smart suggestions or you can call it an app which shows suggestions that is advertisements in start menu.

This app shows suggestions based on your download and app usage history.

You may or may not call it an advertisement all depends on how you look at these suggestions.

If you do not like the suggestions using below method, you will be able to remove the app advertisement from start menu of windows 10.

Click on windows icon and then click on settings app to open it

Now Tap or click on Personalization

Now click on start option.
Left hand side – 5th option – start

Turn off "Occasionally show suggestions in Start"
Just slide the bar on left hand side.

And you are done.

Now windows 10 will not show you advertisements in start menu.

If you want to enable the suggestions or advertisement just enable it using same method.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

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Destination Infinity December 05, 2015  

Thanks for the tip, however, I'd like to keep the advertisement for now, to remind myself to upgrade to Win 10 soon!

Destination Infinity