28 November 2015

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India To Ban Nestle Pasta as found lead beyond permissible limits

India may ban Nestle Pasta as found lead beyond permissible limits

Uttar Pradesh
Mau –

Few months back many Indian states banned the Maggi now Maggi is back as new results proved Maggi was always safe
Now it may happen that India may ban the Nestle Pasta reason lead

Nestle India relaunched Maggi noodles in the market after Bombay High Court lifted ban on it imposed by FSSAI and Maharashtra FDA.

Arvind Yadav, Designated Officer at Food and Drug Administration Mau told to media that Pasta samples collected from Nestle distributor - Sriji Traders on June 10, 2015 were sent to a government food testing laboratory in Lucknow, were found to be carrying lead beyond the permissible limits.
the sample of macroni pasta was taken from Mau and sent to National Food Analysis Laboratory, Lucknow
According to report received on September 2, they failed the tests

The standard limit is 2.5 PPM (parts per million) while it has been found to be 6 PPM. The letter informing the Nestle company sent at its Modinagar address has come back here undelivered," Yadav said.

He said, "On the basis of the report this food product now comes under the 'unsafe food category".

The report has been sent to the FDA Commissioner (Lucknow) on October 12 for sanction to lodge a case

They (Nestle) were sent a letter over a month ago intimating them about the results. They had a month's time to appeal against the test but the letter sent by the FDA was not received by the company and was returned here,"

Nestle India in a statement said following
The Pazzta manufactured by us is 100 % safe and there is absolutely no concern on lead. Therefore, we need to see the contents of reports and we also need to confirm whether these supposed tests have been conducted at FSSAI Notified and NABL accredited laboratory that has the expertise and is certified for testing lead under the Food Safety and Standards Act,"

In this did you find the loopholes?

June 10 samples collected sent for testing

Results received on September 2, 2015

Why delay

Now waiting for permission to file a case?

Why permission, if it is government report file the case?

Why the time is required?

To do corruption and change the report contents

Why the report was not made public on September 2, 2015 on the website for all the Indian citizens.

Why delay?

Now whom you will trust government or Nestle?

Nestle needs to carry the lead test on live television this way whole India will know their Maggi as well as Pasta both are good.

If Indian officers are demanding bribes hope Nestle will expose them will do the sting operation.

If you are a pasta lover go and stock the pasta in your home which you can enjoy for next six months before Indian government bans the Pasta

Food for thought –
Government banned the Maggi after that what happend?
Baba Ramdev launched his Patanjali instant Atta noodlesNow do you think Baba Ramdev will launch Pasta?
Patanjali Pasta by Baba Ramdev

Nestle has not paid me single dollar to write that Maggi is safe and Maggi was safe Maggi was always safe
Its my experience Maggi was always safe

Reality views by sm –

Saturday, November 28, 2015

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deeps November 28, 2015  

another brand under lens

Sandhya November 28, 2015  

After one month's drama, it will come back into the market again like Maggi Noodles did!

Destination Infinity November 28, 2015  

Forget this case, but I wonder how lead comes into instant food. Is it because of the packaging?

Destination Infinity

JAMSHED AZMI November 28, 2015  

Good job my friend. Very well written.