15 November 2015

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Government May Ban Greenpeace.org site domain name

Government May Ban Greenpeace.org site domain name

The order cancelling Greenpeace India's registration as a society came two months after the central government had cancelled the registration of environmental organization under the Foreign Contribution Regulations Act, thereby barring it from receiving funds from abroad. The government had claimed that the organization’s activities had hampered the country's economic growth.

First BJP government cancelled the registration of Greenpeace, environmental organization

Two months later –

On the 6th of November, Greenpeace India Society received notice from the Registrar of Societies (RoS), summarily announcing cancellation of its registration as a society. The Executive Board of Greenpeace India Society was “directed to pass a special resolution and dissolve itself” within one month of the order.

Greenpeace India said it would appeal against the November 6 order cancelling its registration as a society

In past also Government tried to silence the voice of Greenpeace India but Greenpeace always got the favorable orders from the Honorable Courts of India.

In India majority Indians fear to speak against the government agencies or political parties.

But Greenpeace India is one of the few organizations which normally fights for the environment, rights of poor people who live in forest.

Greenpeace India campaigns: for clean air, safe food and clean energy.

Who will benefit from clean air, safe food and clean energy?

With the cancellation of Greenpeace registration now what government will do next?

Ban the domain name and internet presence of Greenpeace India


Because through the website also Greenpeace India can continue their work, educating Indian citizens about environment, and land grabbing done by the corporate companies.

But in future this may happen to silence the voice which demands clean air, clean energy and safe food.

Currently BJP government has not decided to Ban the domain name Greenpeace.org or online presence of Greenpeace India

Why such post title?

To just highlight the issue and problem

Who are the members of Greenpeace India?
They are Indian citizens not outsiders but the Minority who dares to speak and act
By January 2015, Greenpeace India as a legally registered society had come a long way since 2001/2002, with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Patna, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai. We have an Indian board of governors made up of notable Indian citizens and an Indian Senior Management Team (SMT) who led an organisation of 350 (approx.)
Where is the foregin hand?

Reality views by sm –

Sunday, November 15, 2015

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