09 November 2015

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BJP government has given Diwali Bonanza to smugglers

BJP government has given Diwali Bonanza to smugglers
Congress spokesperson Shaktisinh Gohil attacked the BJP government for gifting bonanzas to smugglers. “On 23rd October, the government came out with a circular which states that instead of initiating criminal proceedings against persons caught with contraband under the Customs Act immediately, Modi government has said that the action should be taken after departmental inquiry, which should be completed within six months,” said Gohil.

As per Section 135 of the Customs Act there is a provision of criminal proceedings and departmental action as soon as a person is caught smuggling huge amount of contraband. But, recently the Modi government, through a circular, made a provision of no immediate criminal case against smuggling of precious metals like gold, items prohibited under section 11 and 123 and foreign currency whose value is more than Rs. 20 lakhs.
“It is like ‘Achhe Din’ for big smugglers,” said Gohil.

The Congress leader said that the circular is a ploy to save smugglers. Now, once the 60-day period is over a smuggler will get bail by default. This provision will cripple authorities.

The Supreme Court has clarified that a departmental inquiry and criminal proceedings can be initiated simultaneously. To file a criminal case, it is not necessary that a departmental inquiry should have been completed first. Despite this clarification, the Modi government has issued a circular which makes life easy for smugglers.

The UPA government had made smuggling a non-bailable offence, Modi ji is doing the reverse

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Monday, November 9, 2015

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