30 October 2015

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Madras High Court Idol immersion an illiterate attitude pollutes ecosystem

Madras High Court Idol immersion an illiterate attitude pollutes ecosystem

Justice S Vaidyanathan made the following observations while hearing the bail plea
Of two accused persons “practice of immersion of idols in water pollutes the ecosystem and poses a threat to fish and birds and termed it is "an illiterate attitude towards water that should be put to an end."
the judge suggested that artificial ponds could be built in specific areas for immersion of idols during festive season. "It undoubtedly is an effective way of putting an end to the pollution of water bodies,"

"It is not rational, prudent and judicious to pollute an already scarce commodity. This illiterate attitude towards water should be put to an end."

Use of thermocol or any non-biodegradable items for decoration and idol making should strictly be avoided as it leads to exothermic self-accelerating decomposition creating environmental pollution

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Friday, October 30, 2015

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Kirtivasan Ganesan October 30, 2015  

This is technically judgement. Only scientists can judge further.
Madras high court judgment also advised castration for child rapists. Which scientists can judge further?
II T is C M today. This solves many problems for us because private is not C M.

Destination Infinity October 30, 2015  

I welcome this judgement, it should be enforced. If the idols are made of clay only, there is no issue with immersion anywhere, but when so many chemicals and artificial substances are added, it leads to pollution. The source, chemicals, need to be addressed soon.

Destination Infinity