05 October 2015

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List 19 EU nations say No to GM Crop Genetically Modified Crop

List 19 EU nations say No to GM Crop Genetically Modified Crop
The only GM crop currently approved for cultivation in the EU is Monsanto ‘s maize strain MON 810. Other applications are pending.

As per European Union Law individual countries can seek exclusion from any approval request for genetically modified cultivation across the 28-nation EU.

On Sunday European Commission said that Nineteen EU member states have requested opt-outs for all or part of their territory from cultivation of a Monsanto genetically-modified crop, which is authorized to be grown in the European Union

The requests are for opt-outs from the approval of Monsanto's GM maize MON 810, the only crop commercially cultivated in the European Union, or for pending applications, of which there are eight so far
genetically-modified crop

Following is the list of 19 European countries which said No to GM Crop that is genetically-modified crop
2-Belgium for the Wallonia region
3-Britain for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
9-Germany (except for research)
17-the Netherlands

GM companies now have one month to state their opinion on the national opt-out requests, but governments will have the ultimate say on whether to ban a crop or not.

Under the new rules, member states can ban EU-approved GM crops for a broader range of reasons, including political considerations.

After this these 19 nations will ban the import of GM products from abroad also.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

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Renu October 05, 2015  

Good to know that people want to discard them,but feeding a big country is a monumental job and we need to increase the produce, but some other way.

Destination Infinity October 05, 2015  

The long term implications of GM crops have generally been bad. The purchasing country is dependent on the selling country for a whole ecosystem of products. So even though there maybe increased produce, it generally comes at a huge cost, and health ailments. I think India should also not allow GM crops.

Destination Infinity

Usha October 06, 2015  

I hope all harmful GM crops get banned...Now we are seeing here more and more products with NON-GMO labels.

Corn is one of the worst one with lot of side effects...my friends sons nose starts bleeding as soon as he eats popcorn...also it hurts stomach.

sm, Here weather is not very bad, but it has been cold, raining and windy since last five days..hoping to see some sunlight tomorrow...Thanks for stopping by.

Sandhya October 07, 2015  

Hope India also joins this group...