22 October 2015

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Know 18 Facts about Divine Eagle Drone Chinas Carrier Stealth Killer

Know 18 Facts about Divine Eagle Drone Chinas Carrier Stealth Killer
China’s drone program appears to be largely founded upon reverse engineering of foreign technologies.

Following are the facts about Divine Eagle, Chinese long-range strike weapon

Project 973 or Shen Diao or Divine Eagle prototype, is one of the world’s largest twin fuselage drone – and a new formidable long-range strike weapon in the arsenal of the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Reportedly first flew in February 2015.

Divine Eagle is Beijing’s latest addition to its burgeoning anti-access/area denial (A2/AD) capabilities.

Section of Media reported that China stole key design features from Russia

Few say that it’s the Joint effort by China and Russia
Everyone knows that how China, Russian are increasing their partnership including Pakistan, we must remember Pakistan will never say No to China whatever may be demands of China.

Divine Eagle is developed by China’s Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and influenced by the Russian Sukhoi S-62 twin-fuselage high-altitude, long-endurance UAV

Divine Eagle’, the drone is a high-altitude UAV that can detect stealth aircraft at large distances with radar.

The Divine Eagle uses a twin fuselage set up. It also has two satellite communications domes, completely vertical tails and an exposed engine intake

The Divine Eagle is a high-altitude UAV designed to detect stealth aircraft at long ranges, using special purpose radars.

It has seven radars which include a X/UHF AMTI Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar on the front and two X/UHF AMTI/SAR/GMTI AESA radars on the twin booms. There are another two X/UHF AMTI AESA radars on either side of the engine nozzles, and two more radars on the end of the booms

Popsci estimate that the fuselage has a diameter of 5ft (1.5 metres_ and a height to length ratio of 1:12, with length up to 60ft (18 metres).

The wingspan is likely to be 164ft (50 metres) in width.

Divine Eagle can detect enemy stealth air crafts or warships and it uses combination of all available radar systems
It can also detect anti-ship missile trucks and air defenses on land.

According to Popular Science magazine, the Divine Eagle is designed to carry multiple Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars, of the AMTI, SAR and GMTI varieties as well as Airborne Moving Target Indicators (AMTI) that are used to track airborne targets, like enemy fighters and cruise missiles.

Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) radars could be used for identifying and tracking large groups of vessels such as an aircraft carrier strike force.

It may track the F35 US stealth aircraft that’s biggest threat for the world as well as USA
Divine Eagle could track stealth aircraft like the F-35 fighter and B-2 bomber at long ranges

Washington Free Beacon reported that Judging from the images, the Divine Eagle prototype appears to be larger than the U.S Air Force’s Global Hawk long-range surveillance drone and consequently could be equipped to “carry large missiles for satellite launching, anti-satellite and anti-ship missions,”

Divine Eagle Drone once deployed, will make it harder for the United States and its allies to operate undetected close to Chinese shores

2 or 3 Divine Eagle Drones will work together and will send the messages to satilites
They will find the enemy warships in the sea as well as enemy aircrafts in the sky before enemy can reach near the Chinese Borders, they will even fire and destroy enemy warships or aircrafts causing damage to them.

Watch the video Divine Eagle, CHINA'S Enormous Stealth Hunting Drone

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

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Kirtivasan Ganesan October 22, 2015  

Such drones may help Navy.

Bikram October 23, 2015  

china is really ARMING up :)


Anonymous,  October 28, 2015  

"China’s drone program appears to be largely founded upon reverse engineering of foreign technologies."

LOL Innuendos and hearsays. I guess getting a good night's sleep is better than knowing the real truth, and not Indian truth, like the 38% of nasa scientists are Indian origin, or that India's first fusion bomb was a success.