12 October 2015

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Democracy Murdered Sudheendra Kulkarni face painted with black color

Democracy Murdered Sudheendra Kulkarni face painted with black color
Former diplomat Sudheendra Kulkarni face was smeared with black paint on Monday, allegedly by Shiv Sena supporters.

The Shiv Sena warned that the event will be disrupted if it isn't canceled because of Pakistan's support for terrorism.

The Shiv Sena had a few days ago asked officials at the Nehru Planetarium, the venue for the book launch, to call off the function

The attackers were protesting the launch this evening of a book by Khurshid Kasuri, Pakistan's former foreign minister.

It was done in public openly and clearly shows that Democracy got murdered, its insult of Constitution of India written by Dr. Ambedkar the God of India.

First BJP government failed to protect the show of Ghulam Ali one of the great Gahzal Singer.

Taliban mind set is very dangerous for any democracy and last few months now and then such incidents are happening in India and even we saw murders of Indians regarding beef ban.

This also shows that India is not ready to lead any world organization.

Cannot protect Indian democracy then how can India lead the world.

Photo Murder of Democracy

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Monday, October 12, 2015

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rudraprayaga October 15, 2015  

People grow here hatred.Only one life, why should one live a life of rivalry?NDA is doing some commendable job which gets buried in the soil due to many an antisocial elements in them. All the political parties should refine their stand for prioritizing the country's need. Crimes should be retaliated in equal weight.One country,one people should be the motto of all.

rudraprayaga October 15, 2015  

Some problem occurred.First one got deleted.I wrote the comment reply column.