08 September 2015

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Black Money case Swiss Government reveals another name

Black Money case Swiss Government reveals another name

In a fresh disclosure on suspected black money cases being probed by Indian tax authorities in India, Switzerland said it has received request for information about Indore-based textiles firm Neo Corp International Ltd.

Neo Corp is the latest in a series of Indian names that have been published in the official gazette of the Swiss government about whom the tax authorities in India have sought information from their counterparts of Switzerland.

As per the notification published today, Neo Corp will have 30 days' time to appeal against "administrative assistance" by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration as per their local laws.

The appeal needs to be filed before the Swiss Federal Administrative Court, while giving reasons and evidence for the same, the notification said, without disclosing further details about the case and the company, except for its date of incorporation - February 15, 1985.

Neo Corp, began as a small woven sack maker in 1985
it claims its present in 28 countries
Neo Corp is listed on the BSE
it commands a market value of Rs 134 crore.
It posted revenue of Rs 744 crore and net profit of Rs 30 crore in the latest fiscal.

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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rudraprayaga September 09, 2015  

Who knows how many are still behind the curtain.Pathetic is our country's condition.