20 August 2015

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How to stop windows 10 from automatically updating device drivers

How to stop windows 10 from automatically updating device drivers

Windows 10 is best operating system but nothing is perfect and one of the problem with windows 10 is that windows 10 automatically downloads device drivers and without any warning or notification changes or updates the perfectly working device driver.
Example – Display Driver, ATI Graphics drivers

Who will most suffer because of this automatic driver updates
The people who are still using the old hardware bought few years back.

Below is the procedure to stop automatic updates of device driver in windows 10

Right click on the start menu and select control panel or type in the search box control panel , it will show you control panel app Just click on the control panel app and it will open the control panel.

Control Panel – All control panel Items
Now find the system and click on it
It will open new window
View basic information about your windows
Now click on the advanced system settings
It will open new window
Now click on the option Hardware
In the Advanced system properties window click on the hardware tab and then click on "Device installation settings".

Then choose the number 2 option which says following
No let me choose what to do
Then choose never install driver software from windows update
Select automatically get the device app and info
And save your settings and reboot.

After this windows 10 will not update or download device drivers automatically.
This means you will need to manually install updated drivers for any hardware that you need or want to run with windows 10
Keep the backup of your driver graphics it will be helpful

Remember if your drivers are not working, then run them in compatibility mode.
Just right click on the driver file choose properties select compatibility mode and choose your old operating system windows 7 or 8

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

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