25 July 2015

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Share Market Billion Dollar Interest Scam making in

Share Market Billion Dollar Interest Scam making in

Today in India Reserve Bank of India is independent and Governor of RBI is capable to say No to Prime Minister of India or Finance Ministry which is directly or indirectly is controlled by the political business houses of India.

We must know that and accept that RBI is one of the number one institution of India, highly respected all over the world for its honesty and integrity

We must give the respect and honor the RBI Governor for their success

In past many times RBI governors said no to Indian politicians when they said change policy, cut interest rates , but RBI found it is not good for Indian economy and they said directly and politely no to Indian politicians

Indian politicians are not used to listen to No from any one
Indian politicians think they are the kings and we Indian citizens are their slaves.

Thus they do not like the Independence enjoyed by the RBI Governor.

Currently in India the monetary policy is framed by the RBI after considering the recommendations of an expert advisory committee, assessing multiple economic indicators in domestic and global markets and, finally, consulting with the finance minister on the broader policy direction.

However the final decision rests with the governor he can say No to Finance Minister to save the India and Indian Banking system.

Because of above rule now BJP government has decided to change laws and cut the wings of RBI governor, make him dependent on Finance Minister, make him a parrot of politicians

BJP has released second draft of the Indian Financial Code released
For public comments,
As per new draft  Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor will have no veto power in the proposed seven-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) that will have a dominant say in setting interest rates

Who will be members of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC?)

In this 4 members will be from the side of the politicians, that is government of India.
RBI governor will be one of the several members of the committee and the government will dictate the policy.

This clearly shows that majority will be enjoyed by the Indian politicians

Thus RBI will lose full Independence, RBI governor will lose all the powers he will become an Eagle without tooth and wings.

In past government of India asked the RBI to cut the interest rates and many other things, but our independent and honest RBI Governors politely said No to Indian politicians and Finance Ministry , RBI did was the best for the whole of India and not the rich corporate houses of India.

Now how the Billion Dollar Corruption will happen?

Step – 1

Once RBI becomes powerless, Indian politicians will become powerful they will control the RBI and rate of interest and everything.

Step 2 –

Just example, if you follow the share market you can see how the banking share index  increases or decreases on just speculation that Governor will reduce the rate or he or she will cut the interest rate.

Step 3 –

Now Indian politicians will decide the Interest rate, thus all private players who pay money to political parties will in advance know that what Indian politicians are going to do regarding Interest rates, foreign currency and many other things.

Thus they will buy or sell the banking shares.

We Indian citizens will never get this information

Thus honest Indian citizens will suffer loses in Banking shares.

This way in future Billion Dollar interest scam will happen.

Let us hope someone will file PIL regarding this new law in Supreme Court of India.

BJP government is trying to take control of all independent agencies of government from Supreme Court of India to RBI to IIT or IIM.

Hope they fail in their desires which will benefit Indian citizens.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

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Destination Infinity July 25, 2015  

Whoever is deciding, I hope they will have the maturity to decide properly.

Destination Infinity

Joseph Pulikotil July 27, 2015  

I have very strong views on the functioning of the BJP government. They mad false promises to the gullible people of India and got an overwhelming majority in the parliament. I can't see ACCE DIN in any sphere of activity. The prices of essential commodities have gone up sky high, farmers suicide has increased, ex defense people have gone on hunger strike, the logjam in the parliament due to massive scams, the effort to protect a minister who helped a fugitive of Indian Law, political interference in all institutions including appointment of judges, infringing on the privacy of Indians by collecting their biometric details, terror attack today and the prime minister is enjoying himself visiting frequently foreign countries at the expense of the tax payers money, his silence on various scams in the BJP, encouraging the fanatic elements to attack minority community by not taking strong action against the attacker etc.

Therefore, if BJP is trying to take control of the RBI, it is something to be expected. This is what happens when people don't think when they vote and they have to face the consequences now.

Best wishes