16 July 2015

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Review Windows 10 Pro Rip Windows 7

Review Windows 10 Pro Rip Windows 7
Review Windows Build 10240 pro Rip windows 7

Yesterday Microsoft released its windows 10 build 10240 to both the Fast and Slow rings.
I am writing this review just after installing this build windows 10240
Now Using Windows 10 pro
Windows 10240 build removes the desktop watermark which mentioned the windows build number.
Officially windows has not declared that this is final build windows 10240.
With this build your windows defender will also become active and it will work smoothly with any other antivirus like Avast
Windows 10
Excellent ram optimization – gives the feeling that one is using smart phone smooth moving of mouse cursor movement, fast opening of folders just like a smart phone.
Excellent Themes
Windows 10 – User friendly
Just right click on the windows icon and you will find nearly all the options
List of options –
1-  Desktop
2-Shutdown or sign out
3- Run
5- File Explorer
6-Control Panel
7- Task Manager
8-Command Prompt
9-Command Prompt admin
10-Computer manager
11-Disk Management
12-Network Connections
13-Device Manager
15-Event Viewer
16-Power options
17-Programs and features

Microsoft Edge is nice browser
Near windows icon there is Task view icon on task bar once you click on it
You will see all the open windows grouped together side by side
On Taskbar you will find Windows app store from there you can download all the necessary apps which you want or need.

Review is not complete

But I will recommend if you are eligible for free upgrade to windows 10 go get it as it is free for 1 year for download

Driver installation no problems

Installation no problems one has to just press next, restart etc.

Its automated installation once has to just sit and relax and enjoy the installation of windows 10
One can use the Cortana but it will need a Microsoft account.

Now Windows has become a service this means that windows will keep updating features
Once you experience the windows 10 I am sure you will not go back to Windows 7 the best operating system who defeated Windows XP
For me Windows vista, Windows 8 failed to defeat Windows XP or Windows 7

Now Windows 10 is the final Operating system which has defeated windows 7
Windows 10 can surely say this
Rishtey main Toh Hum Tumarhay Baap Hai Naam Hai Windows 10

One Liner for Windows 10 -
 An operating system which gives feeling like Ice Cream or Amul Butter One is having when we start to use the Windows 10 operating system With this Windows 10 we can now surely say this

RIP Windows 7 the best operating system For today now it is enough

But now on I will be writing and updating on Windows 10 now and then You can also ask any questions through comments regarding Windows 10

Reality views by sm –

Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Destination Infinity July 16, 2015  

Thank God, they brought the Start button back. I am waiting for my Windows 10 Upgrade. But I may not upgrade immediately, will wait and upgrade after some time... Need to install a backup Ubuntu OS in my system first.

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan July 17, 2015  

Ha !! Ha !! Ha !! Ha !! lol post.
Windows 10 is costly for me. So may not upgrade now. I have Windows 8 in laptop.