29 June 2015

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Lalitgate Sushma Ministry RTI reveals no information on Lalit Passport appeal

Lalitgate Sushma Ministry RTI reveals no information on Lalit Passport appeal

BJP Leader Sushma Swaraj is the External Affairs Minister, in charge of
The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

RTI application was filed which asked seven questions to MEA, External Affairs Ministry.

The RTI query, filed by a person from Haryana, was received by the Ministry on June 19.

On June 26 Ministry informed the applicant Rayo from Haryana following
"Kindly note that the office of external affairs minister (EAM) has informed that the questions in Serial 1 to 3 of your RTI does not seem to fall under the purview of the RTI Act, 2005. As regards queries 4 to 7, no information is available with EAM's office,"

The first three questions asked for a reason for decisions taken, which is not allowed under the RTI law

The first three questions included why Ms Swaraj did not advise Mr Modi to apply for a temporary travel document to the Indian High Commission in London if she intended to help him on humanitarian grounds to travel to Portugal.

It also asked why the External Affairs Minister did not insist on Mr Modi's return to India as a condition for issuing a temporary Indian travel document.

Questions 4 to 7 related to whether New Delhi had lodged objections with the UK for granting Modi a residency permit, and what steps the Centre has taken since the issuance of the fresh passport to enforce the ED's summons on him.

The applicant asked whether the ED, at whose instance the passport had been cancelled, was consulted on the move not to appeal its restoration.

The questions included who had taken a decision not to appeal in the Supreme Court against the Delhi High Court's decision to restore Modi's passport.

The applicant also wanted to know the government's response to Modi's "wild charge that his life will be in danger if he returned to India".

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