25 May 2015

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List of Comments made against PM Narendra Modi Government

List of Comments made against PM Narendra Modi Government

Below are the famous comments made on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government

24th May 2015
Congress leader Ahmed Patel, political secretary of Congress President Sonia Gandhi
"Narendra Modi is an 'NRI Prime Minister' and now he has also become a 'selfie Prime Minister'. He keeps on visiting foreign countries where he is seen taking selfies with others,"

Academic and writer Madhu Purnima Kishwar on PM Narendra Modi –
Modi as PM has come as a huge shock and a big disappointment. He has created a bubble for himself from day one.

Rahul Gandhi – “suit-boot ki Sarkar”
Rahul said following
"If we can't stop you here in Parliament, we will stop you on the streets," Rahul said, accusing the government of removing consent and other crucial clauses from the 2010 land acquisition law passed by the UPA. "We will not let this suit-boot work go on,"

"This government is in a hurry to pass the bill. We asked your finance ministry through an RTI. It said only eight of 100 projects are stuck because of land acquisition,"

Rahul also said that while it took the UPA government “almost two years to bring the land bill”, the NDA government had murdered it within a few days. The first blow the NDA gave to this law, he said, was about the consent clause.

“We said that if land has to be taken from the poor, the farmer or the labour, then it will be taken after asking him. But you said, that we will not ask — if we snatch land, we’ll snatch it without asking,”

Rahul Gandhi on  told the Parliament that an economist had told him that while he used to earlier think that thieves strike at night, he had now found out that the biggest thieves strike in broad daylight and come wearing suits.

“Land prices are increasing and its benefit should go to the farmers and labourers. But you want only your friends to benefit. We want to tell you that this will not happen so easily. “Agar yahan nahin rok payenge, toh sadak par rokenge (If we can’t stop you here, we’ll stop you on the streets),”

Rahul said  senior BJP leaders like Sushma Swaraj, L K Advani and Rajnath Singh thumping their desks when the UPA government had passed this bill in 2013, he said: “Usi bill ka samarthan kiya tha aur aaj pata nahin kyun palat gaye hain.”

Rahul said farmers have gold under their feet in the form of their land and the government wants to snatch it away. “The land which is sold for lakhs today, the one you sell in acres, the same land will be sold for crores of rupees after 5-10 years,” he said, adding: “But this government doesn’t want to give you that land. It wants to give that land to its industrialist friends and crony capitalists. This government is anti-farmer and anti-poor.”

Rahul said "The 'suit-boot ki sarkar' is not only harming farmers, it is harming every single person who is weak in this country. Every single person who works for his livelihood - fishermen, farmers, labourers, they are all being damaged by this government,"

Rahul also said that earlier the 'suit-boot sarkar' was against farmers and labourers, now they are after fishermen.

"They are extracting money from the weak...and are trying to oppress them,"

Rahul Gandhi the Congress leader said that the Prime Minister had gone to the U.S., Canada, China, Japan and Nepal. “But I have never seen him visit a poor man’s house and hold his hand.”

Thursday, May 28, 2015
Rahul Gandhi attacked the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS, the ideological mentor of the ruling BJP, saying it "murders individuality and that thought process is running the country."
"The BJP wants to run India like an RSS shakha (branch).

"RSS does not allow debate or dialogue, discipline is used as excuse to murder individuality....an excuse to silence lakhs. They raise their arms like they did in Germany. I won't even do that,"

"Talk to any RSS leader. They say this is how things should be and this is how the country should be run. Nothing will change for thousands of years and nothing will change for thousands of years. There is no internal dialogue in the BJP. Now they want to stop the internal dialogue in India,"

Prime Minister's "Make in India" project is a "big zero", he said, "Make in India will yield nothing because you first need to empower poor people."

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