04 March 2015

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Why Rape Documentary India's Daughters should not be banned

Why Rape Documentary India's Daughters should not be banned

Documentary name - 'India's Daughters'
Plot or story is based on December 16 rape case
Content of the Documentary –
The film traces the story of the horrific Delhi gang rape in December, 2012, from the perspective of the convicts and victim's parents.
An interview with one of the convicted rapists and also the defence lawyers.

Documentary length - 62 minutes

Who made the movie?
British-feature filmmaker and BAFTA winner Leslee Udwin

BJP government got the a court injunction on the airing of the documentary
A Delhi court has restrained broadcast of the documentary in India until further orders in which Singh is blaming girls for rape.
Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday asked British Broadcasting Corporation, the Ministry of External Affairs and the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to ensure that the documentary is not broadcast anywhere in the world.

The Home Ministry is planning legal action against British filmmaker Leslee Udwin for interviewing Singh within the premises of Tihar Jail and for allegedly violating stipulated conditions in the permit that was granted to her.

Leslee, however, claimed that she had the required permission to shoot the interview from Home Ministry and Tihar Jail authorities.

The letter giving consent for the interview is dated July 24, 2013, the letter says home ministry has no objection to the interview provided that written consent is obtained from each of the convicts interviewed.

Reason – They think that it glorifies the rapist

What it contents?

It shows the beliefs of the rapist
What Rapist mind thinks about the females?
How the rapist wants the females in society should behave
Females should stay in home, they should not travel or go outside home etc.

It also shows about the lawyers what they think about the female and male friendship etc.

The documentary helps to understand where is real problem regarding rape and helps to understand how the rapist people think

British-feature filmmaker and BAFTA winner Leslee Udwin told to media following
I have been a victim of rape
The documentary talks about how educating the society can lead to changing archaic mindsets to help end this violence.
If I was raped, I'm not ashamed. The shame isn't mine, it is that of my rapist. Therefore, we must come out and talk.
I spent three days interviewing Mukesh Singh, one of the convicted rapists, in Tihar jail.  When I was interviewing him, what I found most bone-chilling was the insight that I received of the way he views women. He had no regrets. He put the blame on the women for not staying at home and doing house chores, and rather coming out in the night.

We have created a webpage called ‘Stop the Shame’ which will go live on March 8. It will be a global hub, a platform for gender equality. On the ‘Name the Shame’ page, every public figure who has come out with misogynous statements against women, will be named with their photograph. So, we will name them and we will shame them.

Anu Agha, a member of the upper house, told parliament that "banning the documentary is not the answer".
"What the rapist said is the view of many men in India. Let us not pretend all is well," she said.

Famous write Javed Akhtar, a member of the upper house, said it was "good that this film was made [and that] it will reveal how many men think like [the] rapist".

Udwin interviewed one of the rapists for India's Daughter, a BBC Storyville documentary which was due to be broadcast on 8 March, International Women's Day.
It is now being shown in the UK on Wednesday night.
India's Daughter will be broadcast on Storyville on BBC Four on
Wednesday 4 March at 22:00 GMT.

Issue for Discussion and Debate - not the above documentary
31,000 Rape Cases are in pending in lower courts in India
This is the problem, Indian needs to increase number of Judges and Courts.
India needs the Courts which will work 24/7 every day in eight hour shifts including Sundays 24/7 365 days

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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

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Usha March 08, 2015  

Strange move by BJP govt. to ban this documentary..Don't they want to bring awareness and protect Indian women? I am so shocked to read that rapist had no regrets and he blames the girl. Each and every person must watch this documentary.