13 March 2015

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India to start Ban Ministry and appoint a Ban Minister

India to start Ban Ministry and appoint a Ban Minister

Year 2015 will soon witness a new chapter in the life of India and Indian government.

As per heavenly sources Indian government is planning to launch a Ban Ministry and will appoint a Ban Minster.

Ban Ministry will consist of members of ruling party and opposition party

Ban Ministry will get status of constitutional authority and no Indian citizen will be allowed to file a case in the Court of law against the decision of the Ban Ministry

As per heavenly sources following will be the duties of Ban Ministry-

To Ban Food eatables –
To control and possess what Indian citizens should eat

To Ban words –
It will be duty of the Ministry to ban all the sexual words final aim is to ban the word sex from all the text books that means no print media or visual media will be allowed to use word sex or any terms related with sex.

Ban the documentaries –
The duty of the ministry will be to check, to watch to see the documentaries and to ban the documentary if it shows reality of Indian society and culture

Ban the television shows if they show sexual comedy

Ban all the media and print media if they criticize any politician

Ban all the documentaries and movies which will encourage the girls to were the jeans or short skirts

Ban the television shows which will debate the Indian ancient culture or will demand the scientific proofs.

Ban all the text books which will say that any invention is made by outsider
All books must say and prove that from A to Z all the inventions are made by the ancient Indians only and outsiders came to India they stole the knowledge and now claim that they invented flying planes and nuclear devices and different medical procedures or medicines

Ban all the books which will praise the outsiders

Final and most important is Ban everything immediately if religious organizations make demand without any questions and debate.

Disclaimer –
No intention to hurt anyone or religious organizations or any politicians
The article is written only for Fun.

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Friday, March 13, 2015

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KAHKASHAN KHAN March 14, 2015  

Nice post. Very well written.