14 February 2015

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Top 22 Quotes from CM Arvind Kejriwals Speech from Ramlila Maidan

Top 22 Quotes from CM Arvind Kejriwals Speech from Ramlila Maidan

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal addressed people soon after taking oath at Ramlila Maidan

Below are the important quotes from the CM Arvind Kejriwal Speech

We paid for our arrogance in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections and god punished us.

67 seats is a miracle. It cannot be work of a man, god is trying to tell us something. When there is such massive mandate, arrogance comes in and then nothing remains.

We have to make Delhi country's first corruption Free State. I appeal to public to do sting operation of anyone who asks for bribe.

We will pass the Jan Lokpal Bill as soon as possible but cannot give a time frame.

I requested PM to run the nation and leave Delhi for those who are running Delhi.

Kiran is like my elder sister and the government will consult her as she has vast administrative experience.

We want to remove VIP culture from Delhi.

“The last time, we had passion to end corruption, we had romanticism, madness. Now after our 49-day government, we have confidence.”

"Please do not ask me a timeline for the work I want to do. Other parties couldn't do it in years, but we will work 24 hours. Delhi has given me a time of 5 years. My team and I will work 24 hours. We have started work as soon as the results came in. I have been down with fever, but even today I have taken a Crocin and have come for the swearing-in."

“If anyone asks for bribe, don't refuse. Take out your mobile phone and record it, we will record it.”

"The people of Delhi won't tolerate this (attacks on churches). We celebrate all festivals together & we want to move forward together.  We want to make a Delhi where everyone feels safe no matter what religion they follow.”

CM Kejriwal promised an end to Delhi's notorious VIP culture, saying AAP ministers would not use lal battis or red beacons on their cars. Cars, he said, they would have to use for work and requested the media not to make too much of it.

I knew the people of Delhi loved us but did not know they loved us this much to give us 67 of the 70 seats.

I want to tell the police if someone in a topi is breaking the law, he should be brought to justice no matter which party he belongs to.

Aaj Crocin kha kar aaya hoon yahaan pe (Have taken a Crocin and come here today)

Request media not to measure the government's performance in hours. The people have given us 5 years.

BJP has been promising Delhi a full statehood. I told the PM this is a golden opportunity. We have the majority in Delhi and the BJP at the Centre.

Pay your taxes, we'll put your money to good use. No one will be able to steal it.

Janata bahut acchi hai. Janata KO galey laga lo, janat apna vikas khud kar legi. (The people of Delhi are very good... embrace them... they will ensure their development themselves)

"We want to stop this VIP culture. Do you like it when a minister is travelling and roads are blocked and traffic jammed for an hour?
"I came to know in European countries, prime ministers are seen standing at bus stops. We need such type of culture. It will take time. But we will do it,"

"Today I didn’t take oath as CM of Delhi, all of you have taken the oath. You all are the CMs of Delhi."

Ends with singing a prayer - gives disclaimer that he is a bad singer.
After giving his speech, Kejriwal sang the song: "Insaan ka insaan se ho bhaichara". Last time too, he had sung the same song. Manna Dey had sung this song in movie "Paigam".

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

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Destination Infinity February 14, 2015  

If what he does in Delhi works, we can definitely hope for a better India. Although, I am not very confident of a sea of a change!

Destination Infinity