18 January 2015

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Support 100% FDI for Online Retail Ecommerce Support Amazon Flipkart

Support 100% FDI for Online Retail Ecommerce Support Amazon Flipkart

In India lobbying is illegal but lobbying happens indirectly in India through different organizations

Now Lobbying has been started to ban the excellent, honest service providing ecommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart

Amazon and Flipkart both does not pose any threat, they do not give any opportunity to politicians and other anti-social elements to blackmail them or to do corruption

Media reported that the economic wing of the RSS has asked the government to ban
EBay, Flipkart and Amazon the ecommerce sites

Swadeshi Jagran Manch (SJM) met the finance minister also regarding this

Flipkart is an Indian retail company which is giving strong competition to Amazon and everyone

In corrupt environment also Amazon is giving competiton to Flipkart and every other retail company in India

Following are the reasons they want to ban the Flipkart and Amazon
Ashwani Mahajan, SJM national convener, told The Indian Express that
"We are of the opinion that FDI in e-commerce should be prohibited by law. Though we do not allow FDI in e-commerce sites, they circumvent the law to sell their product in the country. Even Indian e-commerce firms like Flipkart have turned to be foreign now with funding from outside.
There is a lacuna in the law and this cannot be allowed. We have asked the Finance Minister to plug loopholes in the law,"

Mahajan believes e-commerce firms get into predatory pricing which is 'unethical', and will 'kill' Indian retailers.
"Their explanation for giving high discount is that they are doing it in lieu of the data provided by customers. But ultimately, these foreign companies with deep pockets will destroy Indian retailers,”

Good companies always survive and bad companies die when good companies start their business
What happens on Amazon and Flipkart?
What we consumers get on Amazon and Flipkart?

100% honesty regarding products

No cheating by Amazon and Flipkart

Even if we do not know anyone we consumers get discounts

Amazon and Flipkart both pay the taxes

Because of Amazon and Flipkart others also get business
Example –
1- Warehouses - Warehouse owners and workers who are they, they are Indian and they earn livelihood

Delivery Boys, Tempo service

India Post

Advertisements newspapers and TV

Little Scope for Corruption as well as tax avoidance all payments happen through Credit and Debit Card and COD

Thus Always Support Flipkart and Amazon

Support 100% FDI for Ecommerce Sites

If you agree ban for the Amazon and Flipkart

Then we must ban following
1-Foregin education – start Vedic education
2- English education – start teaching Vedic languages
3-Ban Pizza Hut, Chinese, Italian Food etc.
4-Ban Foreign Cars
5- Ban Foreign Weapons
6-Ban foreign travels
7-Ban tourism

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

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Usha January 18, 2015  

I am so surprised to read that RSS economic wing is asking to ban these sites in India...you have nicely put your views...agree with you. Thanks for making this post.

Destination Infinity January 18, 2015  

I am not sure how effective Govt. intervention in economic matters, is. But I am no expert in macro-economics, to comment on this.

Destination Infinity

Bikram January 19, 2015  

The problem is political parties are not getting a share of profit hence all this ..

no political party ever makes a decision which is good for people it is always what is good for the Party PEOPLE