12 January 2015

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Schedule of General Election to the Delhi Legislative Assembly

Schedule of General Election to the Legislative Assembly of NCT of
Delhi 2015

The last Legislative Assembly of National Capital Territory of DelhiWas dissolved by the President of India with immediate effect vide his Order No.G.S.R.  773(E),  dated  4th  November,  2014,  issued  under  clause  (b)  of  sub-Section (2) of Section 6 of the Government of National Capital Territory of DelhiAct, 1991 (1 of 1992) read with clause (a) of the Order No. S.O. 410 (E), dated
the  16th  February,  2014,  issued  under  Article  239AB  of  the  Constitution,  in
Relation to the NCT of Delhi. 

There are 11763 Polling Stations in the NCT of Delhi on the date of finalPublication of electoral rolls.

The  poll  in  the  NCT  of  Delhi  will  be  conducted  at  all  polling  stationsUsing EVMs.  VVPAT  Electronic  Voting  Machines  will  be  used  in  2  (two)Assembly Constituencies.

In  its  judgment  dated  27th    September,  2013  in  Writ  Petition  (C)  No.161 of 2004, the Supreme Court has directed that there should be a “None of the Above” (NOTA)  option  on  the  ballot  papers  and  EVMs.     

The  Court  has directed  that  the  Commission  should  implement  it  ‘either  in  a  phased manner  or  at  a  time  with  the assistance of Government of India’.

On  the  Balloting  Unit,  below  the  name  of  the  last  candidate,  there  willnow be a  button  for  NOTA  option  so  that  electors  who  do  not  want  to  votefor  any  of  the  candidates  can  exercise  their  option  by  pressing  the  buttonAgainst NOTA.

The Commission is taking steps to bring this to the knowledge of votersand  all  other  stakeholders  and  to  train  all  field  level  officials  including  thePolling personnel about the NOTA option.

Assembly Constituencies

The  total  number  of  Assembly  Constituencies  in  the  NCT  of  Delhi  andseats  reserved  for  the  Scheduled  Castes  and  the  Scheduled  Tribes,  asDetermined by the Delimitation Commission under the Delimitation Act, 2002Is as under: -

Total No. of Assembly Constituencies - 70
Reserved for SCs - 12
Reserved for STs - ---

Schedule of General Election to the Delhi Legislative Assembly

Date of Notification 14.01.2015 (Wednesday)

Last date of making nomination 21.01.2015 (Wednesday)

Date of Scrutiny 22.01.2015 (Thursday)

Last date of withdrawal 24.01.2015 (Saturday)

Date of Poll 07.02.2015 (Saturday)

Date of Counting 10.02.2015 (Tuesday)

Date before which the Election shall be completed
12.02.2015 (Thursday)

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Monday, January 12, 2015

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Destination Infinity January 13, 2015  

I think AAP deserves one chance in Delhi with full majority. Let's see what they can do. Not sure why the Delhi people are not giving them that chance.

Destination Infinity