22 January 2015

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Property Details of Kiran Bedi BJP CM Candidate Delhi

Property Details of Kiran Bedi BJP CM Candidate Delhi

BJP chief ministerial candidate Kiran Bedi declared movable and immovable assets worth over Rs. 11.65 crore belonging to her and her husband.

In her affidavit Kiran Bedi  has declared movable and immovable assets worth Rs. 11,04,02,677 while the assets of both these types of her husband is
Worth Rs. 61, 35,528.

She has declared movable assets at Rs. 3, 14, 02,677, including 5 Gms of gold worth Rs. 25,000 while her husband has a total of Rs. 32, 85,528.

She has three flats - at Dwarka, Uday Park in Delhi and at Gautam Buddh Nagar of Uttar Pradesh, and the total value of these flats has been put at Rs. 6.05 crore.

Her husband owns an agricultural land in Amritsar worth Rs. 28.50 lakh,

Kiran Bedi owns a Maruti 800 car

She has agricultural land in two locations –
One in Pune and another in Gurgaon.
Pune land value - at Rs. 1.60 crore
Gurgaon land value -at Rs. 25 lakh.

Cash in hand –
Cash worth Rs. 55,750 in hand,
While her husband has Rs. 15,500 in cash.

Fix Deposit -
Fixed deposit worth Rs. 2.10 crore and has Rs. 25, 43,852 in her four saving bank accounts.

She has declared her total income in 2013-14 at Rs. 67, 15,464 while her husband's income in that period was not shown as it was below taxable income.

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