21 January 2015

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Indian citizens are slave’s case of Avantika Dutta

Indian citizens are slave’s case of Avantika Dutta

It’s up to every Indian citizen to decide following
Are we third class citizens of India?
Are we slaves, slaves of men and families in chair or politicians
Are we criminals?

The case of Avantika Dutta the daughter of auto driver who scored 92% marks in Class 12
She won a prime minister’s scholarship

Details of Case
How Indian citizens are treated?

Who is Avantika Dutta?
Daughter of auto driver and an Indian student, Indian citizen who scored 92% marks in Class 12
She won a prime minister’s scholarship

Meeting Visit to AICTE
She was allotted Delhi University’s (DU) Kamala Nehru College at the All-India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) counselling session in Jammu in September 2014.
She was advised to join a DU college to do B Com (pass), for which she was given a provisional admission letter during the counselling.

Visit to College
After getting admission she went to Kamala Nehru College
But shockingly she came to know that authorities had no knowledge of the Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS).

Visit to AICTE
Then she again went to AICTE

There she was advised that go to University Grants Commission (UGC)

Visit to UGC
UGC officials then told they had issued a letter to DU to instruct its colleges to admit PMSSS students.

Visit to DU
At the DU VCs office she was asked to write in details to the university about the matter,”
VC office promised to take necessary actions

After few days no action was taken nothing happen

Advised to visit college again-

Visit to college –
Kamala Nehru College again told her that college had no information on PMSSS.

Again running started from University to College

Top senior DU official told her that go back home as nothing would happen.

Visit to MHRD –
She visited to MHRD and submitted a letter giving details of predicament but nothing happened,”

Avantika Dutta, student, Jammu told to HT following –
“Despite my selection under the PMSSS, I had to beg officials at the college, DU and UGC to help me get my admission done. It was a humiliating experience”

HT education reported that they spoke with 25 scholarship winners
Everyone faced a similar story to tell – of running around from one office to another and going back home to their state utterly disappointed.

When we get such type of treatment what you will say now the ball is in our court

Yes we are the slaves of political business houses and moral police organizations
How this will change
It’s simple
Accountability and punishment for rejecting valid applications Punishment should be termination from the service
Remember suspension means when someone joins in future he joins with promotion

Reality views by sm –

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

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Destination Infinity January 21, 2015  

I think this is more an issue of improper/untimely execution of orders.

Destination Infinity

Destination Infinity January 21, 2015  

And lack of coordination between Departments.

Destination Infinity