14 January 2015

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Astrophysicist Prof Jayant Narlikar his take on ancient Indian Scientific Knowledge

Astrophysicist Prof Jayant Narlikar his take on ancient Indian Scientific Knowledge

Astrophysicist Prof Jayant Narlikar said following to the media, TOI regarding Indian Scientific Knowledge

We shouldn't claim things of which there is no evidence or proof as it reduces the credibility of what our scientists have achieved in the past.
Even the West recognizes the knowledge of mathematics held by Indians.
If we start making outlandish claims, the scientific community of world will not look up to us as it does now

Vedang Jyotish' had a mention of theorem similar to Pythagoras one but there was no supporting evidence or how it was developed.

Saying that 'Brahmastra' mentioned in Mahabharata was a nuclear device or mention of Pushpak Viman in Ramayana was proof of aviation in ancient times was baseless. "Indian scientists did know of 'atom' or 'anu' then but not beyond it. A nuclear weapon at that time is out of question. Knowledge of nuclear science requires prior knowledge of electromagnetism and there is no evidence that it existed,"

"We are talking of providing piped water and electricity to each village now because these technologies exist. During Mahabharata even the richest and most powerful 'Kauravas' did not have electricity or running water in their palace and that reality should be considered while making claims regarding those times,"

Scientists were never given their due status unlike poets and musicians who enjoyed a high status in royal courts.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

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Joseph Pulikotil January 14, 2015  

Hello greetings.

After BJP came to power they are claiming preposterous things.

Most of the inventions in this world were made by foreigners. You take railways, telegraph, guns, rockets, cars etc. We could not even draw up a proper constitution on our own and we had to copy American and British constitutions. Do we have drones in India?

We should have guts to say what we had and what we did not have instead of duping people of India and teaching wrong things to little children.

Best wishes