14 December 2014

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How to Watch Youtube Videos Offline freely legally

How to Watch Youtube Videos Offline freely legally

Youtube launched an offline viewing service to help users download videos they can watch later

The service is available for 3 countries only

Using the mobile application users can download the video and watch it later

For the offline video service YouTube has signed up with content providers such as
Yashraj Films
to give viewers a wide range of content.

Now question is how one can download the Youtube Video offline and watch it later

Follow the following steps

Requirements –
Internet Service, Wi Fi Zone, if your company or office got one you can use it 
Android Phone or Tablet
IOS and Android devices

Its ad supported service  
Go to play store app and check the Youtube App
Update the YouTube app on your phone.

Once the app is updated it will tell you that the support for offline viewing has been added.
Add a video for offline viewing by tapping on the offline icon that sits under the video frame. 

All videos are not available for download, offline viewing
Only selected videos are available
You will see an extra button to download them, once you click on that button you will get choice to download video in 360p and 720p
Currently 1080P is not available

Once a video is downloaded, it is saved under Offline category.
You can click on any video saved in Offline category and it will play.
The downloaded videos can be watched as many times within 48 hours
Advertisement appears before a playback of the video, thus companies also make money.

Is it possible to copy and paste the saved video on the computer or on friend’s android phone?

Currently it is not possible
Downloaded videos get saved in EXO format in phone
It can be played only through the YouTube Android app.

Video gets downloaded in smaller parts and only Youtube Android App can understand them and join them

At the time of downloading video is downloaded in parts, it gets compress, encrypted and saved as EXO and When we play the video in real time it gets decrypted in real time

If we share the video using Bluetooth, a web link to the video is sent to the recipient.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

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Sandhya December 14, 2014  

Let me follow your steps and do it! thank you!

Destination Infinity December 15, 2014  

The 48-hour limitation is not sufficient. They need to give us more time. Hopefully, in the future.

Destination Infinity