21 December 2014

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Amir Khan vows to rebuild Peshawar school attacked by Taliban

Amir Khan vows to rebuild Peshawar school attacked by Taliban

The 28-year-old the first-ever British-Pakistani boxing major world champion
Amir Khan says "it's tough being a high-profile Muslim" in the wake of such an event

He wants to rebuild the school attacked by the rebels and speak out against the outrage – even at the risk to his own safety and he will be going to Pakistan in next few weeks risking his own life

“It’s about the country as well as going to see my family.
I do a lot of charity work there and I want to rebuild the school that was affected. I’ve built a few hospitals and schools that were hit by earthquakes.

He said: “It sets Pakistan back. Since the split in 1947, look at where India is and where Pakistan is.

“India is so developed and so safe and you can go there on vacation with your family. You can’t do that with Pakistan. That is a shame.”

Pakistan needs the leaders and role models like Amir Khan who does not fear to say the truth and accept the truth.

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Amir Khan vows to rebuild Peshawar school following Taliban massacre in Pakistan

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

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Destination Infinity December 21, 2014  

SM, why don't you write a short biography of Aamir Khan in points. We don't know much about him, but want to know more.

Destination Infinity