12 November 2014

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In Depth Seven Chakras Seven Colors Healing Music Tone Synergetic Energies

In Depth Seven Chakras Seven Colors Healing Music Tone Synergetic Energies

Seven colors have a correlation with the seven note diatonic scale which is regarded as the standard in western culture.

Below is the list of seven colors with associated musical tone and healing properties

Color Name – Red
Tone – C
Chakras – Root Base of spine, Muladhara Chakra
Glands – ovaries gonada
Physical and Subtle Bodies – physical
Characteristics – Physical strength, Leadership, Independence
Healing For – Anemia, poor circulation, lack of energy, low blood pressure,
Arthritis, emphysema, sinus condition

Red, the first color of the spectrum, related to the first or root chakra and to the note of C in the middle octave.
It represents our life energy the blood

Color Red Musical Tone C
Suggested Music for healing associated with Red
a- Sousa March
B-March militaire by Schubert
c-The sailors Dance from Red Puppy ballet suite by Gliere
d- Mars Music from the planets by holst
e- on the edge by micky hart
f- Diga rhythm by Micky Hart

How to use it for healing purpose?
Use Red color light bulb
Drinking water from red color bottles

Color Name – Orange
Musical Tone – D
Chakras – Sacral, Svadisthana Chakra
Glands – Spleen liver
Physical and Subtle Bodies – Eteric
Characteristics –Self respect, courage, the extrovert
Healing For –Low blood pressure, nerves, fear, anemia, arthritis, diabetes, breaking up calcium deposits, Constipation

Orange is the second color of the spectrum.

Orange Color Musical Tone D –
Suggest Music
A-Hungarian dance no. 5 by Brahms
b- Habanera from Carmen by Bizet
C-capriccio espagnote by Rimski korasakov
d- Waterfall music by Paul warner
e- Jupiter music from the planets by holst
f- Eagles call by Bruce hurnow

Color Name –Yellow
Tone – E
Chakras – Naval Manipuraka Chakra
Glands – Adrenals Pancreas
Physical and Subtle Bodies – Astral
Characteristics – The introvert, the thinker, emotional, good intellect
Healing for – stomach disorders, depression, slow learning, nerves
Arthritis, constipation, nerves, problems of the liver and spleen, sinus conditions

Color Yellow Musical Tone E –
a- arabeske by Schumann
b- Fountains of Rome by Respighi
c- Piano concerto no. 26 by Mozart
d- The light of Tao by Aeoliah
e- Dawn by seven Halpern
f – Kitaro ki by kitaro

Color Name – Green

Tone – F
Chakras – Heart, Anahatha chakra
Glands – Thymus
Physical and Subtle Bodies – Lower Mental
Characteristics – Balance, tranquility, healing ability
Healing For –Heart, Circulation, ulcers, imbalances, boils, blood pressure, nerves, tension

Green Musical Tone – F
Suggested Music listening
a- melody in F by Rubenstein
b- Violin concerto in E Minor by Mendelssohn
C- Claire de Lune by Debussy
d- King of the pan flute by Gheorge Zamfir
e- Fairy ring by Mike Rowland

Color Name – Blue
Tone – G
Chakras – Throat Visshudha Chakra
Glands – Thyroid
Physical and Subtle Bodies – Higher Mental
Characteristics – Coolness, Calmness, peace, God Centred, Purifier
Healing For – High Blood Pressure, Fevers, Skin problems, tension, internal infections, cancer, Acne, bladder infections, blood clots, burns, cancer, internal infections, nausea, pain, pneumonia, skin eruptions, sore throat, tension

Blue Musical Tone – G
Suggested Music Listening
A-Air on a G string by Bach
b- Ave Maria by Schubert
C- The swan by saint saens
D- Divine gypsy instrumental arrangement of yogananda cosmic chants
e- A crystal cave [back to Atlantis by upper astral
f- Vocal selection be still by Rosemary Crow united Research black Mt. N.C.

Color Name – Indigo
Tone – A
Chakras – Third Eye Ajna Chakra
Glands – Pituitary
Physical and Subtle Bodies – Spiritual
Characteristics – Intuition, Dedication, cleanser, memory ability communication with other world
Healing For –Sinus, Cataracts, earaches, nosebleeds, dry coughing, epilepsy, lack of motivation, mental and nervous disorders

Indigo Musical Tone A
Music of listening
A-Traumerei by Schumann
b- Adagio movement from symphony no. 1 in C minor by Brahms
c- Poeme for violin and orchestra by chausson
d- Angel love by aeoliah
e- inside the great pyramid by Paul horn
f- Venus music from the planets of holst

Color Name – Violet
Tone – B
Chakras – Crown Sahasrara Padma Chakra
Glands – Pineal
Physical and Subtle Bodies – Divine Monad
Characteristics – Dedication, surrender to path of service, awareness of ones divinity
Healing For – Feeling of unworthiness, lack of motivation, some mental and nervous disorders, Baldness, cataracts, cramps, insomnia, kidney infections

Violet Music Tone – B
Music for listening
a- piano Concerto in b minor by Tschaikovsky
B-Liebestraume by Liszt Gregorian Chants
c- The great pyramid by Paul horn
D-silver wings by Mike Rowland
e- Eventide by Steven Halpern

Listen to music song Eventide by Steven Halpern
Violet  Music Tone – B

Listen to music - Indigo Musical Tone A
Live in Seoul. Encore #2. Schumann Traumerei

Listen to song Aeoliah - Angel Love
Listen to music - Indigo Musical Tone A

Listen to music - Indigo Musical Tone A
Paul Horn inside the Great Pyramid Vocal

Blue Musical Tone – G
Listen to music Air on the G String (Suite No. 3, BWV 1068) J. S. Bach, original instruments

Blue Musical Tone – G
Ave Maria (Instrumental) [Schubert]

Blue Musical Tone – G
Julian Lloyd Webber plays The Swan by Saint Saens

Green Musical Tone – F
Listen to Music Rubinstein - Melody in F (Orchestral)

Green Musical Tone – F
Mendelssohn Violin Concerto E Minor OP.64 (Full Length): Hilary Hahn & FRSO

Color Yellow Musical Tone E –
Mozart Piano Concerto NO. 26 in D Major K.537 "Coronation" (on fortepiano)

Orange Color Musical Tone D –
Johannes Brahms -- Hungarian Dance No.5 - Hungarian Symphony Orchestra Budapest

Orange Color Musical Tone D –
Nikolaj Rimskij-Korsakov (1844-1908) Capriccio espagnol, op. 34

Orange Color Musical Tone D –
Gustav Holst - The Planets - Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

Color Red Musical Tone C
Schubert - Marche Militaire No. 1

Color Red Musical Tone C
Holst "Mars" ('The Planets') - Slatkin conducts
Gustav Holst's most popular work was played at the First Night of the 2004 Proms in London's Royal Albert Hall by the BBC Symphony Orchestra

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