21 October 2014

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Zaitoon Tara Edible oil advertisement not to be telecasted on TV

Advisory Zaitoon Tara Edible oil advertisement not to be telecasted on TV

Zaitoon Tara Edible oil advertisement not to be telecasted on TV

The advertisement was carried shown on 23rd April, 2013 at 22.3e hours pertaining to "Zaitoon Tara Edible oil".

After that complaint was filed

"Zaitoon Tara Edible oil". The advertisement claims that edible oil prevents cancer, diabetes, acidity cholesterol etc. which is in violation of Rule 7(5) of the Advertising Code.

The consumer  complaints  council  (ccc) of Advertisement  Standard council  of India (ASCI),  in its'meeting,  took up the issue  and concluded that the claim, ,,edible  oil prevents cancer,  diabetics,  acidity,  holesterol,  etc." was not substantiated  and was misleading.
It further held that claims regarding prevention of cancer, diabetes by consumption of edible oil was in breach of the law as it violated the Drug & Magic Remedies Act.
The advertisement also contravened chapter 1.1, 1.4 and lll. 4 of the
ASCI Code for Self-regulation in Advertisement.

The complaint was, accordingly, upheld by the consumer complaints council of ASCI.
The advertiser was asked to comply the decision of ASCI by
26th September, 2013.
ASCI has now reported vide their letter dated 3’d February, 2014 that the decision of CCC was not complied with by the advertiser.

Non-compliance  of the ASCI decision by the Advertiser  also contravenes the Rule 7 (9) of the cable  TV Network  Act which  specifically  states  that "No advertisements  which  violates the code  for self-regulation  in advertising, as adopted by the Advertising standard council  of India (ASCI), Mumbai  for public exhibition in India,  from time to time,  shall  be carried in the cable service".

In view of the above, all TV channels  are  advised not to carry  the said advertisement  henceforth  in their respective channel  and  to ensure  strict  compliance  of the aforesaid Rules  & Advertisement  Codes.

Zaitoon means olive
Zaitoon Oil means Olive oil
Zaitoon Ka Tail means olive oil 

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

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