02 October 2014

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Watch Five Videos of Mahatma Gandhi from Rome London

Watch Five Videos of Mahatma Gandhi from Rome London

Below are five videos of Mahatma Gandhi from the recently opened British Pathe collection
Never seen videos

Gandhi Is - Here! (1931)
Full title reads: "Gandhi is here the Indian Nationalist leader - whose personality is intriguing the whole world, arrives."
Mohandas K Gandhi is seen on board a ship coming into harbour.
Shots of Gandhi on board ship. He is with Miss Madeline Slade, a British follower.

Charlie" Meets Gandhi (1931)
Full title reads: "London. 'Charlie' meets Gandhi. East-enders, in thousands turn out to greet the two famous little men, with cries of 'good old Charlie' and 'Good old Gandhi'!"

Gandhi's London Home in the East End (1931)
Full title reads: "London. Gandhi's London Home in the East End - and introducing Miss Muriel Lester who will be his hostess during his stay for the Round Table Conference."

Ghandi in Rome AKA Gandhi in Rome (1930-1939)
Rome, Italy.
Mohandas K Gandhi walks down steps. He is with an Italian officer and Miss Slade.

The Mahatma walks past a Guard of Honour of Italian soldiers. One gives a fascist salute.

Gandhi Funeral (1948)
Various shots Lord and Lady Louis Mountbatten squatting on the grass at the funeral pyre. M/S elevated shot of the above showing Pandit Jawarahal Nehru.
Various shots standing at site of the pyre. M/S Nehru and party crouching down.
M/S Nehru on balcony of Birla House. L/S the spot where Gandhi was assassinated, roped in. C/U boy digging handfuls of earth from the spot. Various shots as he hands earth to crowd.
L/S general view of the river Jumna where Gandhi was cremated.

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Unknown October 02, 2014  

This was a really interesting post. Thanks for sharing the clips.