12 September 2014

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RIP Richard Kiel, James Bond villain Jaws actor dies

RIP Richard Kiel, James Bond villain Jaws actor dies

Actor Richard Kiel who played steel-toothed villain Jaws in two James Bond films - has died in California aged 74.

Kiel was a patient at Saint Agnes Medical Center and his death was confirmed by Kelley Sanchez, director of communications at the hospital.

He appeared in The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977 and Moonraker in 1979.

Kiel made his name as cable-chomping henchman Jaws opposite Roger Moore as 007.

The character of Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me was originally intended to die at the end of the movie, but he was so popular with fans that Kiel was brought back to reprise the role in Moonraker.

His character was inspired by Bond author Ian Fleming's description of a villain named Horror who revealed steel-capped teeth while speaking in the novel The Spy Who Loved Me.

Richard Kiel names of few movies and television shows

Year 1960 -
Laramie TV episode Street Of Hate

Year 1961 -
The Phantom Planet

Year 1962 -
The Twilight Zone TV episode To Serve Man

Year 1963-
 House Of The Damned

Year 1965 -
I Dream Of Jeannie TV episode My Hero

Year 1966 -
Gilligan's Island TV episode Ghost-A-Go-Go

Year 1967 -
The Monkees TV two episodes

Year 1968 -
The Wild Wild West TV episode The Night Of The Simian Terror

Year 1974 -
Kolchak: The Night Stalker TV two episodes

Year 1974 -
The Longest Yard

Year 1975 -
Barbary Coast

Year 1976 -
Starsky And Hutch TV episode Omaha Tiger

Year 1977 -
The Spy Who Loved Me

Year 1978 -
The Incredible Hulk TV

Year 1979 -

Year 1984 -
Cannonball Run II

Year 1996-
Happy Gilmore

2009 -
The Awakened

Video – Playing Jaws a look back Richard Kiel
Not socially His name is Jaws He Kills

Watch video R.I.P. Richard Kiel “Jaws” from James Bond dead at 74

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Friday, September 12, 2014

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deeps September 12, 2014  

villains got to go too

lina@women perspective September 12, 2014  

I remember his unique character.

rudraprayaga September 13, 2014  

Villains are also equally talented as heroes are.RIP.