19 September 2014

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Oxygen Bribe Child Dies Bribe demanded to change Oxygen Cylinder

Oxygen Bribe Child Dies Bribe demanded to change Oxygen Cylinder

Patna –

Roshan Kumar’s father, Surendra Saw, alleged a Grade IV employee asked him for a bribe to replace the oxygen cylinder when it got exhausted.

The child was suffering from septicaemia (infection in the blood) and some neurological problems and was admitted to the premier health hub on Wednesday night.
His condition deteriorated for want of oxygen and he died.

Now who is responsible for this negligence?

The Hospital and Doctors and as well as employee

Now how much compensation the father will get after fighting for 20 or 50 years against Hospital and Doctors?

1 or 100 US $

1 US dollar equals to 60 Indian Rupees

The compensation amount should be like 100 Crore or 50 Crore or 10 Crore only with such punishment others will improve

A deterrent needs to be created by awarding huge compensation

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Friday, September 19, 2014

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Usha September 20, 2014  

That shows Hospital system is faulty, Why grade IV employee should have charge of replacement of cylinder ? Doctors and nurses don't monitor?
Hospital must be charged with hefty penalty and child's family should receive proper compensation and punish that employee.

rudraprayaga September 20, 2014  

Stringent punishment is the remedy for such acts.