01 September 2014

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BJP government renames Teachers Day as Guru Utsav

BJP government renames Teachers Day as Guru Utsav

As per media reports Centre government has issued a circular to schools asking them to celebrate Teacher's Days as 'Guru Utsav'.

There is no need to change or rename anything

Create something new but it’s a habit of Indian politicians to do nothing and just change the name

If you want to do something make the education free for all
Make the education higher education free for all

Why majority schools and colleges are controlled by politicians?

Why only few get change to study in good schools?

Why no politician and rich families send their kids to government schools?

Make the changes in above and they rename the teachers day Happily everyone will accept that until that no need to change or rename

What is real intention of changing names?

It helps to forget the past and continue the same failed policies
It helps to show to citizens that we are doing something

Always oppose the rename and ban

Be human not a dictator

Be a servant of citizens not a ruler

Even it seems that followers of Babasaheb Ambedkar also forgot the teachings of great Indian leader and fighter.

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Monday, September 01, 2014

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