22 September 2014

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Answer to TOI article why law is lenient on the rich and famous in India

Answer to TOI why law is lenient on the rich and famous in India?

Read the article written in TOI
Why law is lenient on the rich and famous in India?

After reading that  article thought to write this article reasons  why law is lenient for rich and famous  in India

Law is lenient because all the pillars of democracy are weak and result is law is lenient on rich and famous  as majority have become corrupt because of system 

Below is the answer Below are the reasons because of which law has become lenient for rich and famous  in India

Reason no. 1 –
India follows the laws which were made by the British Rulers for their colony called as India
The laws made by the British rulers were designed to protect British officers and loyal servants of company and later on British Government

As we follow the same laws after independence also the situation is same in India

An elected politician or a top level government servant can do anything and no one can touch them

As laws gives them protection

Even the new Lokpal bill gives that protection

Reason no. 2 –

No police reforms

One needs to understand and know the history why British Raj gave the danda in the hands of police?

To beat the common Indian citizens and British Raj gave the police free hand if they beat and use the danda on common Indian citizens

Today situation is same

Reason No. 3 –

America got the First Amendment which gave protection to the American citizens and made them the masters of elected politicians as well as human rights

In India First Amendment took away all the rights of Indian citizens  and Indian citizens became the slaves of elected politicians and elected politicians became our masters

We citizens became the master for just a one day
and on that day citizens select a master for them who will train and teach them and rule them for next five years

Reason No. 4 –

No electoral Reforms

Reason No. 5 –

After Independence India was divided on the basis of language this means indirectly India was divided on the basis of caste and religion
This created vote banks for the politicians

I will vote for my caste politician even if he is a rapist or murderer or a corrupt man
Why I will do this?
He will protect my religious laws which go against human rights

Reason No. 6-

No judicial Reforms
No Increase in number of judges
No Increase in number of courts
No decrease in number of holidays enjoyed by judges
Our Indian politicians are only focusing on how to make judiciary work under the elected politicians by one or other laws
They are only trying to control the appointment of judges

Constitution does not give any right to Judges to order army to take action against police department

No Reforms in legal Education, degrees, quality of law education
Even lawyers from middle class families cannot approach Supreme Court and High Court

Legal education does not give practical knowledge to future advocates

Reason No. 7 –

No Single head of Army, Navy and Air force

Because of this we lost war with china

We even saw delay in Kargil War

Reason No. 8 –

No Accountability for government officers with heavy fines

Reason No. 9 –

No Heavy fines for not following procedures given by laws

Real reason is that we do not have any laid down procedures with heavy fines
Everything depends on Morals and Morals just stay in Books and in television shows

Reason No. 10 –

Law maker needs to think that 100% citizens are criminals
Then how should I draft law which will not allow anyone of them to do corruption
This gives birth to good law which includes fines and punishment on each stage, each stage there is procedure, and there is rule for everything

Example –
Government officers should clear all the files, all approvals in first come first serve, if break the rules lose the Job same day
Exception should be medical needs or Court orders
Let the rich and mighty wait in the line

Reason No. 11 –

No development of Law of Torts

Reason No. 12 –

No equality of laws

Reason No. 13 –

India is a limited democracy and majority Indians do not understand the meaning of democracy

Reason No. 14 –
Big states, Big size of states
Many States are bigger than many highly developed nations

Smaller the state bigger access for common man to judiciary

Bigger state means bigger corruption and no voice for common citizen

Reason No. 15 –

No Retirement age for politicians

Reason No. 16 –

No work experience required to become a politician

Reason No 17 –

No Heavy Fines which will teach a lesson to criminals or organizations who break the rules

Example -
Bank ATM = Security Guard 24 Hours required

What happens if there is no Security No Punishment to banks?

Law should clearly say that if any citizen finds that No security guard is present in ATM or nearby and complaints to RBI, He will be awarded Rs. 10 Million as an award and Bank will be fined 10 Million for not following rules

If thought of a punishment makes a criminal pee in his pants is a hint that the law is a good law

If a thought of reporting to police makes a citizen rich and he feels protected that means laws are good

And in India situation is opposite

Reason No. 18 –

No Fear of law

Only honest citizens fear the law

Bigger the crime Bigger protection

Do the illegal work fearlessly
everyone knows that illegal work becomes legal in future
It’s made legal by elected politicians or by Supreme Court of India
Example –
Construct an illegal building 
In 99.99% cases no government agency will demolish that building
No one will go to jail 
Supreme Court will give stay order
One or other way no will get punishment
 and illegal job will become legal
No one fears to do illegal work if one has power of money 

Filing false affidavit = No Punishment
Loss of files in government office = No Punishment
Constructing illegal building = No Punishment
Disobeying CIC orders = No Punishment
Loss of original statements of witnesses from police = No Punishment
No Record of Criminals online
Hiding Money Black Money = If found pay a little bit fine and enjoy black money

Like this you will find thousands of reasons where there is a little bit punishment or fine which equals to no punishment but encourages wrong deeds

Create fear among citizens and see that how rich also start to fear the law

Reason No. 19 –

So many laws are made for common man that whatever he does it becomes a crime

If he stops thinking about helping others he gets saved

If he stops before reporting he remains saved from rich and mighty

Never think and Never See and Never Hear Just earn and spend and die

Because law will not protect

If you report to government office about corruption no corrupt person  will go to jail

But majority Indians will agree that Complainant  will get murdered or he and his family will commit suicide in future because of harassment from all the sides of life and all organizations

Reason No. 20 -

Freedom of speech is only in books of law
In reality common man is afraid to speak against rich and mighty

Common man is afraid of politicians, police and CBI and politicians controlled organizations which act as the moral police

They can do anything Nobody can stop them

Every day we see this witness this how Mob breaks the laws and nothing happens to rich and mighty leaders of those Mobs

Zero development of laws and human rights in India

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Monday, September 22, 2014

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Renu September 22, 2014  

wow..Excellent reasons..and your post made me wish that concerned people read it.....why not post it on some general sites..

Destination Infinity September 22, 2014  

India is a large country with more than billion people. People are doing what best they can, and I hope things will improve. Putting all the blame on politicians and administrators is not fair. People get what they deserve, especially in a democracy where they themselves elect the Govt. I think, change should come from the people first. They will then elect the right people who will then reform the administration. I think this is already happening, but things will take time. We need to be patient.

In the meanwhile, we will have to make sure that each and everyone of us is contributing to the betterment of the nation in any little way, possible for us.

Destination Infinity

rudraprayaga September 22, 2014  

Truth is highlighted here. Indians own a blood tainted with slavery of the British era. So the ghost of the west is still in power.And now a days it is read that the judiciary is no exemption unjust verdict. Earlier there were one King and his men.Now numerous kings and their men enjoy the property of the country.

There should be only one law, one type of facility and one civil-code so that all the citizens will have their right rightly. People should have the power unveil and bring down the corrupt ones.
A useful post ,sm.