13 August 2014

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Without Any Opposition NJAC National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill Passed

Without Any Opposition NJAC National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill Passed

The Lok Sabha on Wednesday cleared the Judicial Appointments Bill, which is aimed at scrapping the collegium system of judges’ appointment to high courts and Supreme Court.

The National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill, 2014 was passed by voice vote without any opposition from Congress Party or others.

Along with NJAC bill, the 99th Constitution Amendment Bill, which seeks to confer Constitutional status to the proposed Commission, was passed by 367 in favor and none against.

Under the statute amendment bill, Chief Justice of India will head the NJAC. Besides the CJI, the judiciary would be represented by two senior judges of the Supreme Court. Two eminent personalities and the Law Minister will be the other members of the proposed body.

While two members of the NJAC can veto any appointment, the government can return the recommendation for "reconsideration". Under the now-dropped provisions once the NJAC "unanimously" reiterates the recommendation, the government has no option but to accept it.

Hope Supreme Court of India will declare this provision unconstitutional
Elected Politicians should have no say in the appointment of High Court and Supreme Court Judges
Must maintain the separation of powers as stated by Constitution of INDIA

In long term because of NJAC bill, Supreme Court and High Court Judges will become the obedient judges of the elected politicians.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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