16 August 2014

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PK movie poster 9 Facts from Historical Judgement of Supreme Court of India

PK movie poster 9 Facts from Historical Judgement of Supreme Court of India

All India Human Rights and Social Justice, an NGO filed complaint against the movie
NGO filed petition seeking a ban on the upcoming Aamir Khan movie PK for alleged obscenity and outraging religious sentiments
The petitioner had objected to two purported scenes in the Bollywood film PK, which is due for a December release.
Shows a semi-nude Aamir;
Allegedly portrays Lord Shiva pulling a cycle-rickshaw

The NGO petitioner told to Court that film would hurt religious sentiments and create communal tensions.

After hearing the Petitioner Supreme Court bench of Chief Justice R.M. Lodha and Justices Kurien Joseph and R.F. Nariman  said following

1-This is art, entertainment, don’t bring religious facets

2-If you don’t like, you don’t watch. Let others watch

3-Has it been through the censor board?

4-Others have a right to watch

5-How is your legal and constitutional right violated?

6-“It is a mature society

7-They (people) know the difference between entertainment and other things

8-This is the age of Internet

9-What will you hide? Youth are very smart these days

Supreme Court of India gave such a historical Judgement

And on the side our politicians are upset that Radio Jockey RJ make the jokes about Indian Politicians and government should take action on them.

Jaya cited RJs. “The language used by radio jockeys on private FM channels is extremely objectionable,” she said. “Now they’ve started giving their views on Parliament and they mimic a lot of parliamentarians. I want to know whether the government will do something about it.”

Government has promised the law makers that they will look into matter and may take action on them.

It is very simple do not like jokes about you, do not listen to radio just switch off

This is a democratic nation and as a law maker it is your duty to protect freedom of speech.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

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rudraprayaga August 16, 2014  

Court can say that.But all will not think in the same line. Here a professor's hand had been amputated for asking a question in the exam pertaining to Islam(not hurtful).Real religion of Islam or any never recommends this kind of barbarian acts..

Destination Infinity August 16, 2014  

Some movie stars create controversy for the sake of publicity, although Aamir doesn't have to do it. Good judgement, btw. Ignoring is the best way to nonsense (even if it is).

Destination Infinity

SM August 16, 2014  


It is the duty of Court and elected politicians to protect freedom of speech.

Happy Kitten August 17, 2014  

A good move by SC.. I only hope the government stands firm if and when the movie is released.