30 July 2014

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Names List 16 Ex. Ministers Eviction Notices for Unauthorized Stay in government bungalows

Names List of 16 Ex. Ministers Eviction Notices for Unauthorized Stay in government bungalows

Minister of Urban Development Shri M Venkaiah Naidu in a written reply
Said that sixteen former ministers of the UPA government are staying unauthorized in government bungalows for over a month now and they have been served eviction notices.

Following are the names list of Former Ministers who are in unauthorized possession of government bungalows

1-Shri Kapil Sibal

2-Shri Ajit Singh

3-Dr. Farooq Abdullah

4-Shri Beni Prasad Verma

5-Shri Pallam Raju

6-Dr. Girija Vyas

7-Smt. Krishna Tirath

8-Shri SK Jena

9-Shri Sachin Pilot

10-Shri Jitendra Singh

11-Shri Pradip Jain Aditya

12-Shri Porika Balram Naik

13-Smt Killi Kriparani

14-Shri Manikrao Hodya Gavit

15- Shri Lalchand Kataria

16- Shri Jaipal Reddy

These ministers owe a total damage charges of Rs. 20, 92,463/-for one month of unauthorized stay till 26.7.2014.
Damage charges ranged from Rs. 53,250/- per month in case of Type V accommodation of Shri Lalchand Kataria to Rs. 2, 43,678/- for Type III accommodation of Shri Jaipal Reddy.

A total of 683 flats ranging from Type I to Type VII are under unauthorized occupation of former employees and others for a period ranging from one month to 21 years.

All these have been issued eviction notices. These included three Type VII houses, 15 Type VI, 34 Type V, 108 Type IV, 140 Type III, 176 Type II and 207 Type I houses

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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deeps July 31, 2014  

i wish they read this piece of blog :P

rudraprayaga July 31, 2014  

Term is over means they should move from the venue.One cannot cling to the office after retirement,if not one is reappointed.