01 July 2014

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European Human Rights Court Upholds French Ban on Muslim Face Veils

European Human Rights Court Upholds French Ban on Muslim Face Veils

The European Court of Human Rights has upheld a ban imposed by France on the wearing of face-covering veils in public, rejecting arguments that the measure violates religious freedoms and bolstering opponents of strict Islamic dress in other parts of Europe.

At the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, judges said on Tuesday that the ban was a legitimate attempt to preserve the norms of France’s diverse society and that it did not infringe on Europe’s Convention on Human Rights.

According to the justices, the controversial law introduced in 2010 does not exceed the authority granted to states in the European Convention on Human Rights and thus France's ban on wearing veils like the burqa and niqab in public, doesn't violate the religious and human freedoms of Muslim women.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

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Bikram July 02, 2014  

without sounding very wrong.. I support it .. I think people like me who go to a different country to live and make a life should be thankful to that country for letting them make a life and we should respect the laws and ways of that country..

If we want a change then maybe we should live in our own country ..


Renu July 02, 2014  

I agree in toto to Bikrqam..Whosoever immigrates must conform to the laws of that country..if they have any problem they can go back...

rudraprayaga July 02, 2014  

I think at least a few of the females may bear grief at heart for want of freedom to wear lovely garbs.Of course religious rules should be followed,but healthy way of freedom should be allowed for females also as males in all communities enjoy freedom solely.