12 June 2014

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Maharashtra Govt bans dance bars in all hotels including 5 star hotels

Maharashtra Govt bans dance bars in all hotels including 5 star hotels

In July last year, the Supreme Court struck down the Maharashtra government’s 2006 Act that bans dance bars on the grounds that it was discriminatory.

The 2006 law allowed three- and five-star hotels to run dance bars while it banned dance performances in other bars.

While striking down the law passed by the Maharashtra state legislature, the apex court observed that the Maharashtra Act violates Article 14 of the Constitution which deals with the principle of equality before the law.

That time many people said that Government banned the dance bars because dance bar owners failed to pay bribes, exactly what is the truth I do not know

During its monsoon assembly session on Thursday, June 12, Maharashtra cabinet approved new law to ban dance bars in Mumbai and other parts of state.

Now the amended draft would be tabled at the ongoing assembly session for approval of both the houses of the state legislature

TOI reported that  Parliamentary affairs minister Harshawardhan Patil while talking to electronic media outside the state legislature premises said state cabinet had cleared an amendment that will effect total ban, including the five stars.

The final draft of the bill would be made public upon its placement before the legislature.

Let us hope the law will be strict and punishment will be 50 years additionally fine of Rs 100 Crore, cancellation of license forever

If law is kept weak then it will keep window open for corruption on the name of special event the hotel owners will pay bribes and they will get the permission for dance performance in hotels

I do not support the ban but if government wants to ban then the law must see that there remains no loophole for the corruption

Normally in India majority laws got the loopholes which encourage the corruption

Hope Hotel Industry will unite and fight the ban and will see that all the hotels get the dance bar permissions

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

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RNSANE June 13, 2014  

I guess I am not clear about these dance bars. Were they for the entertainment of patrons, nice music for dancing, with bands, etc...not places where one would negotiate for prostitutes, etc. It's a shame that so much in India is tied up with bribes, etc. When I was younger, we always loved going out dancing, especially at nice places. It seems a shame, to me, that hotels, where visitors to the country are staying, can't access dance bars on site. Many people just don't feel like going out in the evening after a day of business. Maybe I am getting this all wrong.