10 June 2014

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Know 5 Reasons behind the increasing numbers of Rapes in India

Know 5 Reasons behind the increasing numbers of Rapes in India

Now a days India is becoming the capital of Rapes may be not now soon it may become

So what are the reasons behind the increasing numbers of rapes in India?

Following are the reasons for the increasing number of Rapes in India

No Sex Education in schools

Patriarchy culture -
One example
Boys can stay outside after 7 pm and girls must return home before 7 pm
Boys = Job
Girls = Must stay home and cook for husband

Caste system
Superior class versus Lower Caste
That girl belongs to lower caste how can she argue with us
Sexual humiliation – Rape that girl show her its place

Delayed Justice No Fear of Punishment in cases of Rape

No Monitoring system of criminals who are accused of molesting females

India needs to learn  lot from America regarding the monitoring system, maintaining and publicizing the names of the accused who molest the females

First stage in Rape is Molest a female
Nothing happens

Then that male dares to rape a female for various reasons
Lower caste, she earns more salary, she uses fashionable clothes for any reason they rape a female

Pornography and sex literature has nothing do to with rapes of a female

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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Sandhya June 11, 2014  

Funny thing is, the upper class treat the lower caste as untouchables. But even after raping a lower class girl, he doesn't become an untouchable!

Bikram June 11, 2014  

sad sad state of affairs ..