04 May 2014

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West Bengal Debt over Rs. 2 Lakh Crore TMC Unable to spend Rs.20, 000 Crore

West Bengal Debt over Rs. 2 Lakh Crore TMC Unable to spend Rs.20, 000 Crore

On May 20, 2011, when Ms Mamata  Bannerji took over the as the Chief Minister of West Bengal, every Bengal resident believed that better days were ahead.

Three years later, not much has changed.
The healthcare system is in shambles, finding jobs is difficult and political violence continues to be state sponsored with hardly a day passes when we don’t hear about a political murder in some part of the state.

It is election time and CM Mamata Banerjee is playing the blame game.


Because Trinamool has been unable to deliver on its promises.

West Bengal has a debt of over 2 lakh crore and an unemployment rate of 7.8%, putting it at the bottom of the economic league table of Indian states. But instead of taking responsibility, CM Banerjee’s strategy is to blame others in her state and at the Center.

This is odd because the Centre, under UPA, allocated Rs 75,101.38 crore under the Eleventh Plan and also provided a special package of Rs 25,910 crore in 2012-2013.

At the time, Trinamool declared they would not only be able to turn around the debt but also to create 10 lakh jobs.

Now that it’s election time, Trinamool is singing a different tune.

The reality is that CM Banerjee has been unable to even spend the money provided by the Center, leaving Rs 19,251.16 crore untouched.

The CM had also promised to revive jute mills as part of her first 200 days in office plan. Instead, at least eight mills have halted production and many others are working at a loss because of the negative market conditions in the state.

Banerjee’s plan for the revival of investment has been based on a mere Rs 5 crore allocation in 2013-14 for the industrial reconstruction department according to state government figures.

The Trinamool’s lack of investment in industrial growth, in job creation and in resolving its debt crisis means that its debt it expected to rise to Rs 2.26 lakh crore by 2014, which would make it the most indebted state in India.

Source – INS

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Sunday, May 04, 2014

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Bikramjit Singh Mann May 05, 2014  

2 lakh crores .. oh my i cant even dream of that much money