18 May 2014

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Facts Reasons why AAP Arvind Kejriwal lost in Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Facts Reasons why AAP Arvind Kejriwal lost in Lok Sabha Elections 2014

To understand the Poor performance of AAP party in Lok Sabha elections 2014 one has to understand the AAP party before forming the  government in Delhi and the actions of AAP party after formation of government in Delhi.

1 –
AAP before formation of government in Delhi

AAP after the formation of government in Delhi with the support of Congress

A –
AAP before formation of government in Delhi

How the AAP was formed?

Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal movement gave birth to new party AAP led by Arvind Kejriwal and his team, supporters

What was the image of AAP in eyes of citizens?

A different party, party with a reformist vision, a party which will become option for Congress and BJP

Everyone knows  that BJP and Congress both parties are same just two sides of same coin

Indian citizens understood the importance of Lok pal bill,
same time Congress and BJP tried not to pass the Lok Pal bill

All political parties got united and they saw that Lok Pal bill does not get passed

Indian government introduced and passed a bill called the Lokpal Bill 2011 in December 2011.

The same bill was then brought before the Rajya Sabha but torn up and thrown away and then referred to the Select Committee.

After that Arvind Kejriwal formed the Aam Aadmi Party, which gave option to Indian people
People thought that AAP is a party with difference, AAP is option for BJP and Congress

Thus Indian people started to support AAP and Arvind Kejriwal, the party started to receive funds from everywhere, party started to get support from all over India and NRI Indians started to support the AAP

AAP started to spread its wings everywhere

In mean time Narendra Modi become the No. 1 Political leader in India, But AAP and Arvind Kejriwal their popularity so increases that people started to compare who can beat Narendra Modi

And Answer was Arvind Kejriwal and AAP who can defeat the BJP and Narendra Modi.

In March 2014 Arvind Kejriwal told to media   that the AAP would get 100 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls and the next government would not be formed without AAP’s support

I myself was sure that AAP will get 100 to 150 seats in coming Lok Sabha Elections 2014
But later I myself wrote an  article end of dreams of common citizens regarding AAP and AAP won’t get seats will not win in Lok Sabha elections 2014, will get only few seats

AAP party was growing, was rising, was giving challenge to the BJP and Narendra Modi

After this Congress also started to fear the AAP

AAP growth chart was increasing

What was the main point of AAP – Corruption, Jan Lok pal Bill

Because of the fear of AAP, growth of AAP all political parties united and in December 2013
They passed the weak Lok pal Bill

Very intelligently they got the support of Anna Hazare for that weak Lok pal bill

That time I thought and wrote also that it was a wrong move by Anna Hazare that Anna Supported the weak Lok Pal bill

But today I can definitely say that what Anna did was a  correct action.

We Indians got one Lokpal something is better than nothing and one can amend the laws and he can improve the working of that Lok Pal

But still everything was going smoothly regarding AAP, AAP was getting support, their support base was increasing

And Result was that
The AAP won 28 seats in the Assembly elections in 2013

B –
AAP after the formation of government in Delhi with the support of Congress

Reasons why AAP lost in Lok Sabha Elections 2014

AAP fought against corruption, fought against congress and BJP
AAP leaders told to media that they will never take support of Congress or BJP and will never give support to them

In Delhi Assembly AAP did not get majority, it came on second number

But still AAP formed the government with support of Congress

Many people did not like that

The action was right but AAP failed to utilize that opportunity

VIP culture and Cars = AAP gave wrong message to the citizens
AAP failed to make their point clear
People thought – Broke Promise

Arvind Kejriwal Z category security
Again failed to send clear message
He should have accepted Z category security
If one has desire he can meet the common citizens in presence of Z security also
Z security is necessary for Chief Minister of state

Arvind Kejriwal and Home
Once again Arvind Kejriwal and AAP failed to send clear message regarding government home allotment

Required action was - Reject home and stay in their own home
Second action was changing a law because of which these politicians get 5 and 7 star homes to stay

AAP did not do both

Just like BJP and Congress AAP stared to play the game of Politics
AAP did not openly say that they oppose the Khap Panchayat
Just like BJP and Congress they played safe game

AAP started to lose the image of party with difference

AAP and law Minister Raid –

Law Minister Raid was illegal but AAP did not punish the law minister
AAP supported Law Minister and his actions and defended him

Congress and BJP also defend their corrupt leaders

AAP started to lose their image AAP lost its 50% image because of that law minister raid episode

AAP did not realize the importance of  January 26,  Whole of India was afraid what will happen in Delhi on Jan 26 as  before that AAP and Arvind Kejriwal started agitation

No one like that action of Chief Minister

AAP started to accused media houses
AAP started to keep distance from media

AAP tried to fulfill its promises very hurriedly which was not necessary
The important step was that working slowly honestly towards the fulfillment of AAP Manifesto

As party was inexperienced they should have told to the people that please let us know first how the Government is run, what are the limitations of Delhi CM and the procedures how the Delhi Government can change the rules and laws, amend the  existing laws

But AAP tried hurriedly everything in that failed to send the right message to the citizens

Indian citizens are not ready for self governance
But AAP did not understand that and they started to talk about Swaraj

A citizen who does not understand that it’s bad to pee on road, its bad to spit on the road
How can we think that he will govern himself?

Even if we try that Swaraj what will happen,
the people with power and money will take full control of the locality funds and no one will dare to report them

You may not agree with me but Majority Indian citizens does not understand the real meaning of Democracy and what is a secular nation

For them important is religion not human rights
For them important is culture not India

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal resigned

Arvind Kejriwal tried to pass the Jan Lok Pal bill without following the procedures
And he blamed on Congress and BJP and he resigned after 49 days

Resignation was a good action but the method and way of resigning was wrong

And this opportunity was taken by Political Parties and message went to Common people that Arvind Kejriwal ran away, AAP failed to govern Delhi Government

Lack of experience and No guidance from Anna Hazare, No Guidance from any senior resulted in that wrong action of resignation

Because of failure to send a correct message to Indian citizens, AAP failed to win in Lok Sabha elections

After formation of Delhi Government AAP lost its image that it’s a party with difference

Indian people understood that nothing is different between BJP, Shiv Sena and Congress and AAP
AAP is just another party like them

AAP did not take clear stand on Kashmir and Foreign Policy

Which was very easy, they have to just say that we will die for India and Kashmir but we will never give back Kashmir to Pakistan
India means Kashmir and Kashmir means India

But AAP failed on the International Policy front

Why all this happened

Reason is simple AAP and AAP leaders started to behave like other Indian Politicians and Political Parties

AAP contested in Lok Sabha elections Out of 434 candidates for the Lok Sabha, AAP just won four seats in its d├ębut General Elections

It is not a bad start but this was never expected by AAP

AAP did not realize that from where they started and where they got after Delhi Elections

First Voters went to AAP as option for BJP and Congress

Then same people realize that nothing is special about the AAP and they Supported Narendra Modi the experienced Man

Hope now AAP will study its mistakes

Hope AAP has learned to say never say Never Again

Never say No

Now AAP needs to decide that is it Reformist Party or it’s just a another party like Congress and BJP who play the game of caste and religion

Reality views by sm –

Sunday, May 18, 2014

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Destination Infinity May 18, 2014  

They cannot fight against a party before elections and then form a coalition govt. with the same party after the elections. I think that crucial mistake made a dent in their 'anti-corrupt' image. Nothing is lost yet - they are a young party. There is still time to prove themselves. They should (IMO) start with a small area, prove their governance there and then aspire to contest nationally.

Destination Infinity

Happy Kitten May 19, 2014  

Kejriwal was given a chance to govern Delhi and no one expected miracles from them. They just wanted to know if AAP is a party with a difference. They failed. But then this idea of AAP may not go away so the party sill has a chance. Who knows if it may even replace Congress??

rudraprayaga May 19, 2014  

If it rectifies its wrong steps,it may again emerge powerful.It fought against congress but sought their support,that was a grave mistake.Congress has enough number of capable people,why should they then run after one family.Do the successors keep the principles of Nehru,Indira or at least Rajiv. No,never.I am not against majority or minority.But the congress gifted the minority with undue facilities.So the majority felt an insecurity under the congress.They should treat all the people alike because both the categories are India's own sons. This not my view I have listened to the discussions of others.

People have lost the lustre-feeling of Nehru-Gandhi family where Priyanka,the w/o Vadra also will not get that place in people's minds. If select ability outside Gandhi family,people will acknowledge.