16 April 2014

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Zee Business Expose Operation Hawla Moin Qureshi 4 Ministers

Zee Business Expose Operation Hawla Moin Qureshi 4 Ministers

The Income-Tax department conducted a search operation on one of India’s largest meat export firms AMQ Agro India Ltd and its proprietor Moin Qureshi. 
The raids  were carried out by around 50 I-T officials at about 15 locations in Delhi, Gurgaon and parts of Uttar Pradesh.

The Income Tax authority has seized Rs 6 crore worth of cash and sealed a number of lockers

A scrutiny of Qureshi’s last 7 years of I-T returns revealed the exporter has assets “disproportionate” to his known and declared income.

AMQ’s turnover for the last two years is approximately Rs 167 crore, according to filings with Registrar of Companies (RoC). I-T officials pointed out that Qureshi’s wealth in the last few years is “several times over his company’s total turnover for the 7 years.”

 British Revenue Intelligence informed to Indian government that big amount was transferred from Dubai Bank to UK bank

After that Indian officers came into action and they took action.

They started recording of telephone, they did the telephone recording for 520 Hours

The recording includes names of 4 Maharashtra government Ministers
Zee Business reported that the ministers are top ministers and two are related with Uttar Pradesh, One is related with MP

Zee Business also reported that in this case Former CBI director is also involved
The former CBI director’s daughter is based out of Paris and runs a jewelry shop.
Another daughter is based out of London. From the seized documents it appears that Qureshi was also close to a powerful UPA minister who hails from Madhya Pradesh. 

Zee business reported that the tapes include the names of corporates also whose names came in 2G scam

In year 2012-13 Phones of Qureshi were tapped but action was taken in year 2014

What happened in Hasan Ali Hawala case what happened?

Now what will happen in this case?
The fine will be paid and case will be closed

And we common Indian citizens are afraid about not filing IT return and about TDS on deposits, the hard earned money deposited in Banks.

As our Indian laws are weak, and our executive is controlled by Politicians that is legislature
We will never get Justice in India.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Renu April 17, 2014  

sad state of affairs..

rudraprayaga April 17, 2014  

It seems that our laws and orders stand for enriching the rich more in fiscals.