10 April 2014

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Under Oath Narendra Modi Gujarat CM Accepts Jashodaben is my wife Facts about Jashodaben

Under Oath Narendra Modi Gujarat CM Accepts Jashodaben is my wife Facts about Jashodaben

BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi has admitted for the first time under oath that he has a wife, her name is Jashodaben.

In the 2012 Gujarat elections, Modi had not acknowledged Jashodaben, and had left the section of the form which asked about the spouse as blank.

This is the first time that he has acknowledged Jashodaben in an official document.
Gujarat CM Narendra Modi has acknowledged Jashodaben has his wife in the affidavit he filed for his nomination at Vadodora.

Narendra Modi got married at the age of 17

In his in his nomination form, Narendra Modi has said he has no information about Jashodaben's income, IT returns and PAN details.

Who is Jashodaben?
She is a retired school teacher in Brahmanwada, a village about 35km from Modi's hometown, Vadnagar.

Narendra Modi in past said that I have no family ties for whom I will do corruption, who will benefit because of that courrption

Modi also listed his assets amounting to about Rs 1.50 crore in his nomination form.
They include

1.    cash in hand worth Rs 29,700

2.    bank deposits of about Rs 44 lakh

3.    infrastructure bonds of Rs 20,000

4.    National Savings Certificates worth Rs 4.34 lakh

5.    He had purchased real estate worth Rs 2.47 lakh, the market value of which is now about Rs 1 crore.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Sandhya April 10, 2014  

I have read that she doesn't like media probing. She is a quiet lady. After so many years' living apart, it might not be possible to invite her and live with her, if he becomes the PM. Feel sorry for the lady.