11 February 2014

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The Hindus: An Alternative History Penguin to destroy all copies

The Hindus: An Alternative History Penguin to destroy all copies

As India is limited democracy, one more book has fallen
All copies of American scholar Wendy Doniger's "The Hindus: An Alternative History", published by Penguin, will be recalled within six months and destroyed as part of a settlement with a group that called the 2009 book "insulting to Hindus."

Penguin India reportedly agreed to pulp all remaining copies of the book in a pact signed in a Delhi court with the organization which filed a case against Penguin

Penguin is very rich publisher house, it should have fought the case, but it gave in

This if you support the Freedom of Speech then you should think before buying the books published by Penguin

Penguin needs to explain why it did not fought the case and did not  tried to protect the freedom of speech

The 800-page book, which was priced at over Rs. 700, is already out of stock in popular online shops but downloadable copies are available

Always buy the books of a company which fights for the freedom of the speech of author as well as readers

Read the agreement between Penguin and organization

According to the settlement, Penguin will recall and withdraw all copies of the book "with immediate effect". Further, it says that "all the recalled/withdrawn/unsold copies of [the book] shall be pulped" by the publisher. This task is to be executed within six months.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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Destination Infinity February 11, 2014  

If a case was not registered against the book, not many would have been aware of the book. By going legally, the group has only given a lot of publicity to the book, which I guess will not be banned in other countries and as you said, is available to download.

Destination Infinity

Unknown February 12, 2014  

Looks like an interesting read.

Renu February 12, 2014  

What is so controversial in this book?

DWei February 12, 2014  

Good thing that online copies are available.

rudraprayaga February 12, 2014  

Freedom of speech should be there for everybody.But with that freedom if you rebuke your neighbour without any provocation,may he be not of your company , it may sound controversies.Any way thank you for the info.